Press Release: Newly Elected Council Members Sworn In

City of Redmond Press Release

Newly Elected Council Members Sworn In

December 13, 2017

Lisa Maher, Communications & Marketing Manager

Redmond, WA – In a ceremony prior to last night’s Council meeting, newly elected Redmond residents Dr. Jeralee Anderson (Council Position 6), Steve Fields (Council Position 2) and Tanika Padhye (Council Position 4) were officially sworn in. Their terms are effective January 2018 through December 2021.

Fields has lived in Redmond for over 30 years. He worked across all functions of government in his positions at King County and the City of Seattle in the Executive offices. Fields guided elected officials on policy, budget and operational improvements. He advised department heads and their staff to help the government perform better. Fields is also a Redmond small business owner with his wife.

Dr. Anderson earned her doctorate in sustainability from the University of Washington Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering in the Heavy Civil & Construction Engineering Program. Dr. Anderson is CEO of Greenroads Foundation, a 501c3 nonprofit located in Redmond. She co-founded the company in 2010 and now works with government agencies and private industry on hundreds of green transportation projects. Jeralee is a 7-year resident of Redmond.

Padhye was previously appointed by Council and filling a vacancy in Position 4 since last March. She has lived in Redmond for 14 years and has served on both the City of Redmond’s Planning and Parks and Trails Commission. She has been a member of the Community Centers Stakeholder group and contributed to updates on the PARCC Plan and projects including Redmond Central Connector (Phase II) and the Downtown Park. She is a licensed attorney in the State of Washington, with legal expertise ranging from work as a Civil Rights Investigator to cases dealing with employment and housing discrimination.

“I look forward to continuing to work with Padhye and welcome both Fields and Anderson in their new Council positions. They bring a fresh perspective to the Council that is reflective of our community. I’m confident that through Council's combined experiences we will continue to lead in the region and represent the priorities of Redmond residents,” stated Council President Hank Margeson.

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Dr. Jeralee Anderson (Council Position 6)


Steve Fields (Council Position 2)

Steve Fields

Tanika Padhye (Council Position 4)