Press Release: CPR Gold Medal Awarded to Local Family

City of Redmond Press Release

CPR Gold Medal Awarded to Local Family

December 11, 2017

Lisa Maher, Communications & Marketing Manager

Redmond, WA – The Redmond Fire Department recently awarded the Gold CPR Lifesaving Medal to a local couple for saving the life of their father when he suffered a sudden cardiac arrest this past April. The CPR Medal was presented to Jessica Inman and her husband Dr. Jeffrey Kennedy during a lunch reunion on December 3 at Fire Station 16 where first responders praised the family for their quick actions that saved the life of Mr. Frank Inman.

When first responders arrived at a local storage facility, they found Dr. Kennedy, an ophthalmologist, performing CPR on his father-in-law Frank Inman who had collapsed while the family was helping move personal items from the unit. EMT’s and paramedics along with the help of a Redmond Police Officer quickly resuscitated, stabilized and transported Mr. Inman to a local hospital where he was treated and released after several days.

Firefighter/Paramedic Josh Peeples, the lead Paramedic on the call, presented the CPR medal to Jessica and Jeffrey and their family. “The quick actions and perfect CPR that was applied to Mr. Inman was the reason he is alive today. It took us a few minutes to get up to the third floor of this building, but the quick call to 911 and the immediate application of high-performance CPR bridged that time. Your actions allowed us to apply the AED and defibrillate Mr. Inman’s heart back to a normal rhythm,” stated Peeples. “It’s no doubt you saved the life of your dad that day,” he added.

The CPR Gold Medal is awarded to residents who save a life using CPR and an AED. The medal has been awarded to more than 28 recipients over the last five years in the Redmond area. The King County region has the best resuscitation rate in the world at 54%, and locally this is supported by the residents who are willing to learn CPR and willing to provide CPR when presented with a sudden cardiac arrest.

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FF/PM Josh Peeples, FF/EMT Josh Holthenrichs, Mrs. Inman, Mr. Frank Inman (Cardiac Arrest Survivor), Jessica Inman and husband Dr. Jeffrey Kennedy with their son, FF/EMT Richard Lebay and DE Travis Sofie