Press Release: The Arts Illuminate at Redmond Lights

City of Redmond Press Release

The Arts Illuminate at Redmond Lights

November 7, 2017

Lisa Maher, Communications & Marketing Manager

Redmond, WA – Mark your calendars as Redmond Lights returns on December 2, 2017, in celebration of the City's diverse winter traditions, cultures and faiths. In addition to traditional light displays, this year’s event will continue to incorporate public art. New temporary artist-commissioned light installations in addition to installations by Redmond Poet Laureate Shin Yu Pai and Redmond Artist in Residence Maja Petric will be featured. More installation details and locations are listed below beginning with the City Hall Campus and ending close to Redmond Town Center.

Redmond Poet Laureate Shin Yu Pai’s exhibition Animating Archives: Contemporary Chlorophyll Prints will be on display at the Redmond Senior Center during the event and features a chlorophyll print collaboration with artist Megan Bent. 

On the Municipal Campus, the Seattle Design Nerds will feature their illuminated interactive installation Plushcadia. This installation returns from So Bazaar and incorporates a new community mural that the visitors can help create.

Installed below the NE 85th Street bridge along the Luminary Walk, Jennifer Szabo’s installation will emulate the night’s sky, illuminating the Sammamish River below. Further down the Luminary Walk, Beth Gahan’s lanterns will be suspended above the Sammamish River Trail. Different shapes and patterns with moving and projected lights will create an eye-catching installation.

Suzanne Tidwell returns to Redmond Lights with two installations. Let it Snow will be installed near the intersection of the Redmond Central Connector and the Sammamish River Trail, a dazzling installation of larger-than-life snowflakes. Another installation by Tidwell, Ornaments, features a whimsical series of 3D spheres along the Redmond Central Connector.

Big Sassy, your friendly neighborhood Sasquatch, returns to Redmond Lights with a new addition, Baby Sassy! Keep an eye out for the pair along the Redmond Central Connector trail. Sassy was designed by Eastside artists Kristie Smith and Vikram Madan. 

Redmond’s new artist-in-residence, Maja Petric, will create a site-specific light art installation I Saw My Birth, Love, and Death in the Sky in the Heron Rookery. Visitors will be guided into the clearing between the giant trees of this urban forest where they can look up at the sky and be immersed in the constellation of projected stars. The number of stars will equal the population size in the US. Whenever a baby is born somewhere in the US, a star will appear in the sky. Whenever a person dies, a star will disappear in an audiovisual depiction of a supernova explosion.

 For more information about Redmond Lights, please visit For questions and additional information about art at Redmond Lights, contact Lisa Maher, Communications and Marketing Manager, at or 425-556-2427. This press release is available on


Sassy and Baby art installation. Photo credit- City of Redmond