Press Release: Police Searching for Carjacking Suspect

Police Press Release - City of Redmond


October 16, 2017

Police Searching for Carjacking Suspect


Andrea Wolf-Buck, Public Engagement Coordinator - 425-556-2545

REDMOND, WA – Redmond police are investigating a carjacking that occurred at approximately 10:55 p.m. on October 13, 2017 in the parking lot of Redmond Town Center.

The two victims, a 50-year-old woman and a 51-year-old man, were uninjured during the incident. After leaving the restaurant, the two had been sitting in the vehicle for about 15 minutes when the male suspect jumped in the rear seat and directed the victims to drive to a bank.

Believing he had a gun, the female victim drove to a bank in Kirkland where she was told to withdraw cash from the ATM while the male victim was ordered to remain in the car. While the woman was outside, the male victim jumped out of the vehicle and both ran to safety while the suspect yelled for them to get back in the vehicle.

After the victims escaped, the suspect jumped into the driver’s seat and drove off. The victims stated they never got a good look at the suspect, who was wearing a ball cap and something on his face, and could not provide a detailed description of him or the alleged weapon.

The stolen vehicle was recovered Saturday afternoon after being found in a driveway of a residence in a Redmond neighborhood. The vehicle was unoccupied and is currently being processed for fingerprints and other evidence.

For questions please contact Andrea Wolf-Buck at or 425-556-2545.