Hampton Roads Transit Adopts New Safety Plan


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August 6, 2020


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Hampton Roads Transit Adopts New Safety Plan

~ Enhanced Federal Guidelines Offer Proactive Approach to Addressing Safety Risks ~


RICHMOND - Hampton Roads Transit (HRT) has adopted a new public safety plan to govern Safety and Risk within its core business functions. The Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation (DRPT) approved the plan, formally called the Public Transportation Agency Safety Plan (PTASP), ahead of the July 20, 2020, federal deadline requiring all transit agencies to adhere to new guidelines put in place last year.

The new PTASP requirements, which apply to bus and rail modes alike, replace public transportation safety plans. While HRT is the only transit agency in the Commonwealth operating a light rail system and subject to state safety oversight, 17 other agencies in the Commonwealth have also recently completed PTSAP’s. 

“The enhanced federal guidelines will allow transit agencies throughout Virginia to better plan for, manage and react to safety risks,” stated Jennifer Mitchell, Director of the Virginia Department of Rail and Public Transportation. “Safety is a top priority for the Commonwealth, and DRPT’s guidance and oversight will help our transit partners streamline risk planning and management.”     

PTASP requirements are designed to allow agencies like HRT flexibility in implementing Safety Management Systems (SMS) in a manner appropriately scaled to the agency. The SMS is a data-driven system that involves the continuous collection and analysis of data to help HRT become proactive about how it addresses safety risks.

 “The commitment to meet the PTASP deadline was important to the HRT team because safety excellence is a key component of our mission,” said Dawn Sciortino, HRT’s Chief Safety Officer. “HRT is committed to Safety Management System implementation and our activities are aimed at achieving the highest level of safety performance. We appreciate DRPT’s ongoing collaboration and assistance with the HRT Safety Program and its commitment to ensuring that we achieve our mission of connecting Hampton Roads with transportation solutions that are reliable, safe, efficient, and sustainable.

 DRPT and HRT worked collaboratively throughout the development of the plan to ensure that it complies with all regulatory requirements and supports the highest level of safety performance during all transit service delivery-related activities. Additionally, 15 smaller bus-only agencies in Virginia were also able to coordinate under the structure of a statewide plan, led by DRPT itself.



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