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Meet Walter in our latest Ticket to Work Success Story. Read and share Walter’s story about how Social Security’s Ticket to Work (Ticket) program helped him find work at Cornell University.

Walter, who has a developmental disability, was already familiar with Cornell, but Ticket to Work and his Employment Network helped him fulfill his lifelong dream of working there.

Success stories are a great way to promote your services as a Ticket to Work service provider by showing how eligible people with disabilities can find their paths to financial independence.

We’ve provided some sample social media messaging below that you can use. You can also repost and retweet from the Choose Work Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Facebook: Check out the new Ticket to Work success story from @ChooseWork! Meet Walter, a young man with a developmental disability who dreamed of one day working at the same university as his mom. Learn how the Ticket to Work program helped Walter find his way to employment and financial independence!

Twitter: Meet Walter in the newest #TickettoWork success story! With help from his Employment Network, Walter was able to find a job he loves. Read Walter’s story today!

Do you have a success story? Submitting a Ticket to Work success story candidate is an opportunity to showcase the work you do and to publicly celebrate its impact on the lives of your clients. Human interest testimonials can be extremely powerful marketing tools. Ticket program success stories get wide exposure, are published on the Choose Work web site and social media, and are promoted to other organizations.

 If you have one or more clients who have found work and earned their way off benefits in part because of the help you provided, please let us know! Send us an email at


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