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Exempt Organizations Update - e-News for Charities and Nonprofits June 9, 2011

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Issue Number:    2011-10

Inside This Issue

  1. IRS Identifies Organizations that Have Lost Tax-Exempt Status - Special Steps Announced to Help Revoked Groups
  2. Portion of Schedule H Optional for 2010 Tax Year  

  1.  IRS Identifies Organizations that Have Lost Tax-Exempt Status - Special Steps Announced to Help Revoked Groups

The Internal Revenue Service today announced that it has released a listing of  approximately 275,000 organizations that under the law have automatically lost their tax-exempt status because they have not filed annual reports as legally required for the past three years. If an organization appears on the list of auto-revoked organizations  it is because IRS records indicate the organization has a filing requirement and has not filed the required returns or notices for 2007, 2008 and 2009.

The IRS has issued guidance on how organizations can apply for reinstatement of their tax-exempt status, including retroactive reinstatement. In addition, the IRS announced transition relief for certain smaller tax-exempt groups – those with annual gross receipts of $50,000 or less for 2010 and eligible to file Form 990-N, the e-Postcard.  The relief allows eligible revoked groups to gain retroactive tax-exempt status and pay a reduced application fee of $100 rather than the typical $400 fee. More information, including FAQs and a Fact Sheet, can be found on the IRS website.

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  2.  Portion of Schedule H Optional for 2010 Tax Year

The IRS announces that Part V, Section B of Schedule H of the Form 990 is optional for the 2010 tax year in Announcement 2011-37.  Tax-exempt organizations that operate one or more hospital facilities will be required to complete the remainder of Schedule H, but will not be subject to penalties for failure to complete Part V, Section B.

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