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NK Community Champion Awards 2022

Community Champion Awards

North Kesteven District Council runs its own awards programme – the NK Community Champion Awards – that celebrates voluntary community-minded contributions that make a real difference in the lives of individuals, groups and entire communities.

There’s a specific Community Business category which champions businesses that give freely of their time, effort, materials and resources in support of community endeavour or which operate in a charitable or community-focused way and achieve social value that goes beyond the bottom-line.

If you run or know of a business that you think should be nominated for a ‘thank you’, please put in a nomination at before September 9. 

Sustainable Farming Incentive now open for applications

The Sustainable Farming Incentive is open for applications. The scheme is available to all farmers who currently receive Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) payments. It’s designed to reward sustainable practices that support food production and benefit the environment.

The Sustainable Farming Incentive is the first of three new environmental land management schemes being introduced under the Agricultural Transition Plan. The schemes will ensure long-term food security by investing in the foundations of food production: healthy soil, water, and biodiverse ecosystems. 

There is no deadline by which farmers must apply, so farmers can apply throughout the year at a time that works best for them. For more information and to apply please see here.

Make sure to share your views on your businesses Carbon Footprint

Apprentices at North Kesteven District Council are taking part in a Corporate Project to develop their skills and knowledge on the services the organisation provides. This year’s project is focused on how the council can support businesses in reducing their carbon footprint with a focus on the impact of waste on our climate and what actions could be taken to improve this.

Hearing directly from businesses will allow the team to tailor the research, gain a better understanding of how we can support local businesses and prepare initial ideas for solving any issues that waste may cause across the district.

Complete the survey button

Please note, there is the option to complete the survey anonymously, however if you would like to receive updates on the results please provide your contact details at the end of the survey. The closing date for the survey is Sunday 17 July, we look forward to receiving your feedback.

Booking is now open for ‘Levelling Up through the Visitor Economy’

Join Destination Lincolnshire, local and national experts on Tuesday 19 July for the ‘Levelling Up through the Visitor Economy’ event focused on Lincolnshire’s £131m regeneration.

The panel will be bringing the regeneration projects to life to show businesses how they can be part of the countywide transformation. The event is an opportunity to learn about the millions in funding that is being invested across Greater Lincolnshire and how it will support the visitor economy, this event promises to paint the bigger picture in a way that all visitor economy businesses can understand and share research and insights that has never been available before.

Hosted by Destination Lincolnshire and delivered in partnership with District Councils, the event will be taking place on 19 July, 9am – 2pm, at Market Rasen Racecourse in the Altiors Restaurant. Please note, there is a maximum of two tickets per organisation. Tickets include lunch and refreshments throughout the day.

Is your business on social media?

If so, join our Business NK group here or follow us on twitter. We share information, support and advice on each platform.

Be kept informed on North Kesteven's UKSPF projects

North Kesteven District Council has been allocated £3.3 million from the £2.6 billion UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF).

We’ll soon be uploading projects to an online consultation portal. Your views and feedback on these projects will help shape them and how they’re implemented in our communities.

The website also allows you to register for regular updates, to stay up to date on all projects you can sign up here.

Greater Lincolnshire LEP Careers Hub Employer Event

Greater Lincolnshire's Careers Hub is celebrating local education and business working together through the GLLEP Careers Hub Employer Event.

The event will provide training opportunities for current Enterprise Advisers, and give those who are new to the Careers Hub a chance to network and find out more about how the team can support businesses to engage with local schools and colleges.

Join the Careers Hub team at the Jakeman's Community Stand in Boston on Wednesday 3 August 2022, for a full day of learning and networking. If you have any queries please contact Natalie Poole, LEP Skills Delivery Manager with any enquiries, for further information please see here.

Free support for North Kesteven businesses

The Council offers the service of a Business Support Adviser, Phil Means. Phil can assist businesses and provide bespoke advice and support.

If you are in business and feel you could benefit from free business advice please contact him. Either call Phil on 07920 472671 or email

Webinars for the weeks ahead

12/07/2022 09:00-14:00 Productivity Programme's Doing it Differently Conference 2022

14/07/2022 09:30-18:00 Help for Hospitality - Celebrating 120 years of Stokes Tea & Coffee

19/07/2022 12:00-12:45 Business Lincolnshire Live Show - Episode #13 - Starting Up in Business

20/07/2022 14:00-15:00 Humber Zero: Benefitting the Community, the Climate and the Economy