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Financial support for businesses

Payments were made in batches last week for the Local Restriction Support Grant (LRSG) (closed) Addendum 42 days, Local Restriction Support Grant (LRSG) (closed) Addendum Tier 4 5 days and Closed Businesses Lockdown Payment (CBLP) (one off payment).

Please note these were automatic payments to businesses that were eligible for the LRSG (closed) Addendum for November lockdown and the current lockdown, please note this does not link in any way to the grants processed in March 2020.

Local Restriction Support Grant (LRSG) (closed) Addendum

This grant is to support businesses who are on the ratings list who have been forced to close during the national lockdown in November and the current lockdown. Businesses that have already applied to this grant are not required to apply again, if you feel that you are eligible, have read the original policy here and have not been in receipt of a grant please email providing your business name and rates number.

Should you be successful following the application process you will then automatically receive the LRSG Closed Addendum and the Closed Businesses Lockdown Payment (CBLP).

Additional Restriction Grant (required to close)

The Council has reopened the Additional Restriction Grant (required to close) for applications from those affected by the current lockdown period who did not apply previously. This grant is aimed at supporting those businesses who rent premises but aren’t the registered rates payer, those who have property costs or those that have been required to close as per Government guidelines.

Those who have already received funding via this grant for the November lockdown must not reapply. An automated payment of £2,001 has been made to businesses who applied and were eligible for the November lockdown and this will cover the 42 day period of the national lockdown we are in at present. Only apply if you haven’t submitted to this grant previously.

If you didn’t receive funding for the November 2020 lockdown and believe you are eligible, please apply here and provide trading evidence for the corresponding period. If indeed eligible for the November period, a grant award can be backdated. For details on the policy please click here. The deadline for applications is Sunday 31 January 2021.

Additional Restriction Grant (ARG) Severe Impact

The Council has determined to focus part of this discretionary scheme on key target categories in the Hospitality and Leisure sector in order to provide support to those businesses evidence shows have been hardest hit by the second national lockdown (05/11/20 - 04-12/20) and which continue to be impacted by further restrictions continuing into 2021.

The ARG Severe Impact Policy and full list of eligible businesses can be found here. Please note businesses should only apply once to this fund and this is open to businesses that were open or closed during the November period. To apply please click here. Please note applications close 9am on Monday 1 February. Whilst this grant covers the second national lockdown, more information will be shared on further support for the current lockdown.

Christmas Support Payment for wet-led pubs

Please note this support grant will close on January 31 2021. North Kesteven District Council has contacted and paid pubs that previously applied to the LRSG (closed) Addendum in regards to the Christmas Support Payment for wet-led pubs. If you have not been contacted and believe you are eligible, please contact with the pub name and business rates number. To be eligible for this grant, pubs must derive less than 50% of their income from the sale of food. Pubs must also meet all other conditions set out in the Government guidance for this scheme, which can be found here

Local Restriction Support Grant (LRSG) (open) and Local Restriction Support Grant (LRSG) (closed)

This grant is currently ceased during the national lockdown. All funds have now been allocated for the period of 3rd December to 30th December for the LRSG (Open), no monies remain.

Your business journey to Net Zero

BEIS are launching a virtual event for SMEs, Your business journey to Net Zero will take place virtually from 10:00-16:20 on 10 February.

This Midlands focussed event will allow attendees to learn about practical solutions for SMEs wishing to embark on their own Net Zero journey and consider the business opportunities stemming from the transition to a low carbon economy. There will be multiple presentations and interaction with leaders on this subject from a local, regional and national perspective. 

In addition, there will be a virtual exhibition hall for delegates to find out about more products and services that will be of interest to them as they look to lower their carbon emissions. There are currently still exhibition spaces available so if you would like to exhibit, please contact For more detail about the event, content, and registration details please see here.

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Free support for North Kesteven businesses

NKDC offers the service of a Business Support Adviser, Phil Means. Phil can assist businesses and provide bespoke advice and support.

If you are in business and feel you could benefit from free business advice please contact him. Either call Phil on 07920 472671 or email

Kickstart moves up a gear with over 120,000 jobs created so far

More than 120,000 jobs for 16 to 24-year-olds have now been created through the Government’s flagship Kickstart Scheme, as ministers have urged more employers to get involved.

The scheme, which has been underway since September, is helping to put young people who have been some of the hardest hit by the economic impact of the pandemic on the first rung of their career ladder. The start dates for these jobs vary but will all begin this year.

The government will make it even simpler for employers of all sizes to benefit from joining the scheme by removing the limit requiring they create a minimum of 30 vacancies to apply directly. To ensure all job placements continue to be of a high quality, the government will continue to apply rigorous checks on training support and finances. Further information here.

Information for organisations who want to be a Kickstart gateway and help employers apply for the Kickstart Scheme is available here.

Help and support if your business is affected by coronavirus

Watch videos and register for the free webinars from the Government to learn more about the support available to help you deal with the economic impacts of coronavirus. You can sign up for email alerts about live and recorded webinars, YouTube videos and online guidance.

Webinars for the weeks ahead

02/02/2021 13:30-15:00 Digital Marketing: Introduction to Digital Marketing                 

03/02/2021- 17/02/2021 10:00-12:00 ChamberConnect: Restart- How to beat Professional Wobbles     

03/02/2021 10:00-12:00 Improve Your Productivity With Little to No Extra Effort Webinar  

04/02/2021 12:30-13:00 ChamberConnect: Cyber Security - The Threat of Ransomware

04/02/2021 13:30-15:00 Developing a good Marketing Plan for your business