Changes to public parking near White Rock Lake

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April 3, 2020

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Changes to public parking near White Rock Lake

Dallas, Texas - The City closed its public parking lots at White Rock Lake (WRL) last weekend in order to try to control large crowds. This parking closure has led to public parking spilling into nearby residential areas and parking violations. Therefore, the City is adjusting its approach starting this weekend and in anticipation of the following holiday weekend.

Park & Recreation has re-opened the public parking lots at WRL but is coordinating with Transportation, Dallas Police Department and other departments to implement measures to control and close entry points when lots are full using digital signs, staffing and barricades.

Transportation will pilot a no-parking-without-permit program in two WRL residential areas, The Peninsula and Emerald Isle, this Saturday and Sunday.

The City is testing parking lot closures and other measures at Bachman Lake park areas. The City will continue to adapt its approach to balance the need to enforce emergency orders and physical distancing guidelines as well as people’s need to enjoy the outdoors in all parks and trails safely.