Dallas Animal Services adjusts operations during COVID-19

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Press Release

March 23 , 2020

Leah Backo, Public Information Coordinator  
Dallas Animal Services  



Dallas Animal Services adjusts operations during COVID-19

Dallas, Texas – Dallas Animal Services (DAS) has responded to the increased need for social distancing by altering field and shelter operations to minimize human contact for residents. DAS officers will continue to respond to urgent and high-priority calls, including sick or injured animals, and animals that threaten public safety. DAS will take additional precautions when interacting with the public. Residents are still encouraged to dial 311 for animal-related service calls.

“We are very committed to public safety and lifesaving within our shelter and in our community,” said DAS Director Ed Jamison. “These adjusted procedures will allow us to continue to find positive outcomes for pets in our care while keeping our staff and residents safe.”

The only non-staff permitted to enter the shelter will be individuals who contacted DAS about their lost pet. 

Residents that are interested in surrendering their pet must visit dallasanimalservices.org to make an intake appointment—intakes will be limited to emergency cases. At this time, DAS is not taking in healthy community cats; any kittens with a mother should be monitored until eight weeks of age. For more information regarding nursing or orphaned kittens, visit dfwkittennetwork.com.

Beginning Tuesday, March 24, DAS will launch tele-adoptions, online foster orientations and curbside adoption and foster pet pick-up to stay in compliance with Dallas County’s shelter at home order. Residents can visit dallasanimalservices.org to schedule an appointment to speak with a DAS adoption or foster staff member who will help them select a pet and reserve a curbside pick-up time to take their new furry family member home. 

“We know that many people will be spending increased time at home over the next couple of weeks, which makes it the perfect time to adopt or foster a dog, said DAS Assistant Director MeLissa Webber. “I can’t imagine a better way to avoid going stir crazy than to welcome home a new best friend!”

All pets will be free to adopt until further notice. Visit dallasanimalservices.org to view adoptable pets.