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Oregon is projected to reduce emissions from transportation to 60% below 1990 levels by 2050

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March 9, 2023

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Oregon is projected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from transportation to 60% below 1990 levels by 2050, according to recent data showcased on a new website created by ODOT and several partners.

Visit the Oregon Transportation Emissions website

The new website is a deep dive into the collective actions by Oregon’s public agencies to reduce emissions from transportation. It pulls together regulations, programs, funding, goals, and partnerships into one place, and rates progress across six transportation categories.

“Our objectives are to support reductions in how far and how often people drive, and for each mile driven to be clean,” said Amanda Pietz, administrator of ODOT’s Policy, Data and Analysis Division. “Overall, we’re doing well to reach our 2050 goals, and we have plans to improve in some areas to get us all the way there.”

The state’s goal is an 80% emissions reduction below 1990 levels by 2050. The website outlines how Oregon can close the gap. 

Clean up each vehicle mile, and reduce vehicle miles traveled

Oregon is projected to make the strongest progress in reducing emissions from vehicles. Recent regulations on emissions from cars, trucks and SUVs — and a shift to electric vehicles — will yield the biggest reduction. Barriers still exist for larger trucks and transit vehicles, however.

Reducing vehicle miles traveled — how far and how often people drive — has the most room for improvement. Oregon can make progress here by investing in active modes like walking, rolling and biking; improving transit services; pricing the transportation system; and enacting land use policies to support shorter trips.

View the about the plan section on the website for more information about Oregon’s emission reduction strategy, how the data was collected, and how reducing emissions will benefit Oregon.

More information about the website

The website was created by ODOT in partnership with the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality, the Oregon Department of Energy, and the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development. It is based on the Statewide Transportation Strategy: a 2050 Vision for Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction, and progress is tracked against many of the strategy’s goals. The agencies will periodically update the website as data and actions evolve.

In Oregon, emissions from transportation are about 35% of total statewide greenhouse gas emissions, according to the latest data from DEQ.