Prevent tragedy: "Stop On Red"

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Running a red light is extremely dangerous

Aug. 3, 2020

For more information: Kelly Kapri, Safety Division program manager, 503-507-1783

SALEM – How many times have you run a red light… or seen someone do it? If you’re still alive, you’re lucky. Red light running is a significant cause of serious injury crashes in Oregon. Because it often results in T-bone crashes, red light running can cause debilitating brain injury and death. It is essential that every driver in Oregon heed the warning to Stop on Red. Now through Aug. 8 is National Stop On Red week, and safety advocates hope Oregon drivers will learn and obey the law.

“When you run a red light, you are usually moving through the intersection at a higher-than-average rate of speed,” said Kelly Kapri, Safe and Courteous Driving Program manager. “You need to stop on red, as it can be a matter of life or death.”

What does steady yellow mean? A steady yellow signal warns you that the signal is about to turn red. Stop before entering the intersection. If you cannot stop safely, drive carefully through it.

What does steady red mean? A steady red signal means stop and remain stopped until the signal changes. You are allowed to make the following turns on red after coming to a complete stop unless a sign or police officer states otherwise.

  • When entering a two-way road, you may turn right.
  • When entering a one-way road, you may turn right or left in the direction of the one-way road.

Here are a few steps you can take to be prepared to stop safely at the next red light:

  • Recognize the “Dilemma Zone.” This is where you're approaching an intersection, and the light changes from green to yellow. Stop safely before entering the intersection.
  • Know Oregon’s laws on traffic lights.
  • Control your speed at all times.
  • Never drive drowsy, distracted or impaired.



Red light running

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