6 ways to beat the heat during #OREclipse

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July 21, 2017

Dave Thompson, ODOT, 503-860-8021, David.H.Thompson@odot.state.or.us

Robb Cowie, OHA, 503-421-7684, Robb.Cowie@state.or.us


6 ways to beat the heat during #OREclipse


Arrive early; stay put; leave late.

Stay cool; stay hydrated; stay informed.


So you’re in a hot car, on hot pavement, in high heat, with a long line of the same in front of you: Not the #OREclipse experience you expected? ODOT and the Oregon Health Authority have some tips to keep you out of that dark place—so you can enjoy the two minutes of dark you came to see.


A real concern for people who aren’t prepared is the possibility of heat-related illnesses. Being stuck in traffic under high heat conditions without enough cold air and cool water could lead to heat exhaustion or even heat stroke—which can be life threatening.


Now that we’re one month away from the big day, ODOT and OHA have six suggestions to help you beat the heat.


  1. Stay cool: Make sure your car’s air conditioning is working properly—you may need it in Oregon in August, especially if you’re in central or eastern Oregon.
  2. Stay hydrated: Make sure you’re traveling with plenty of water for everyone in your car—including your pets.
  3. Stay informed about your planned travel path: Use www.TripCheck.com and its 400 highway cameras to check travel conditions on your route in real time. Listen to your radio to keep up with the changing temperature, humidity and heat index.
  4. Avoid traveling at the expected peak times—Sunday and Monday. Treat this 3-hour event like it’s a 3-day event because of the large crowds on the roads: It is NOT anything like a college football game day.
  5. Have a plan B: Where can you get off the highway to get into air conditioning and refill your water, if necessary?
  6. Learn the signs and symptoms of heat-related illnesses so you can react appropriately at the right time. Visit http://www.oregon.gov/oha/PH/Preparedness/Prepare/Pages/PrepareForExtremeHeat.aspx to read some basic information.


OHA and ODOT want you to have a great time—and a safe time—in the days surrounding the eclipse. We’re doing what we can to keep things as safe as possible. Please remember that you and other travelers have a shared responsibility to keep yourself safe on and off the road.


Plan to have a good time in Oregon during the August #OREclipse. Plan ahead so you can.


For more eclipse travel tips and links, visit www.oregon.gov/ODOT/Pages/Eclipse.aspx.