Courtesy Reminder – Oklahoma Appointment Renewal Invoice

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Courtesy Reminder

Oklahoma Appointment Renewal Invoice 

This is a courtesy reminder that Oklahoma appointment renewal invoices are available online until January 31, 2012.  If you have already reviewed and paid the invoice for 2011, we appreciate your quick response and please ignore this reminder.

NEW!!!  Effective August 28, 2011 36 O.S. § 1435.23 the Oklahoma Insurance Department changed from a biennial appointment fee of $55.00, to an annual appointment fee of $30.00.  This will affect the appointment renewal invoice in the following manner:

  • Only odd year appointments (excluding original appointments in 2011) will renew on the 2011 invoice.
  • Beginning in 2012, all appointments will renew annually with a $30.00 renewal fee.

View ALL company appointments online:

  1. Access our web page at
  2. Click on the License/Education tab
  3. Select Company Lookup on the left side of the screen.
  4. Enter the company information then press ENTER.
  5. Click on Appointments to view an entire list of appointments for the company.  Remember, only odd year appointments, excluding original date of 2011, will renew. 

Pay Invoice online:

Pay the renewal invoice online at .  Follow the links to company appointment renewals and sign-in using your company identifiers.  Payments must be received by NIPR no later than January 31, 2012.  Remit the online payment by January 15th in order to insure receipt by the due date.  Failure to receive payment in full by the due date will result in the termination of all invoiced appointments for your company. 

Contact information: 

If you have any questions regarding this appointment renewal process, please contact:

  • NAIC Help Desk at 816-783-8500 for problems navigating the online appointment renewal screens.
  • NIPR Customer Service at 816-783-8468 or for assistance with  issues other than appointment renewal screens.
  • Oklahoma Insurance Department (OID) Licensing and Education Division at 405-

521-3916 or for general questions about the appointment renewal process. 

Thank you for your continued participation in Oklahoma’s insurance market. 



Denise M. Engle, CPCU, CPIW, AIC

Deputy Commissioner of Workers’ Compensation

Rate and Form Compliance, License and Education Divisions