Living with Wildlife, Camping and Fishing - NM Wildlife Monthly Update - June 2021


Bear at front door

Living with Wildlife

Warmer temperatures bring increased wildlife activity and sometimes those animals find their way to our homes or property. They may be intentionally fed, watered and welcomed there in the case of things like bird feeders and baths, but they can also be unwanted visitors.

Learn more about how you can keep wildlife and people safe.

Trees eaten by beaver

Turn your camping trip into a fun educational trip

We all look forward to the warmer weather and longer days of summer to spend more time outdoors. Although camping can be very relaxing and a much-needed break for our brain, it can also be a great time to train our brain and learn about wildlife. There are signs of wildlife everywhere; you have to prepare yourself for what to look for.

Learn more here.

Share with Wildlife

Roadrunner License Plates Available for Purchase

Want to choose one of the first 100 roadrunner plates printed? For a short time only, and on a first-come, first-served basis, these plates can also be purchased directly through the Share with Wildlife program coordinator.

Learn more here.

Joanna Hatt

Meet Joanna Hatt - #TeamNM GameandFish

Managing New Mexico’s wildlife is a long-term, complex endeavor. Biologists must work with other New Mexico agencies, other states, non-profit, industry and the public. There are many different views on projects that need to be implemented, methods to implementing those projects, priorities and many more intricacies that may go unnoticed.

For the past four years, Joanna Hatt has embraced those challenges focusing on species that may go unnoticed by many people.

Learn more about #TeamNMGameandFish member Joanna Hatt here.


NM Trout Challenge, from Stream to Art Class

For most anglers, the certificate and coin are sufficient, but for Mark Richert, it was much more than that. “It was an opportunity to think about the vast beauty of the world awaiting our exploration and hope that my boys will spend a lot of time fishing together at some point in their lives,” said Mark.

Learn more about the Richerts' adventures.

June 2021

In this month's issue:
  • Living with Wildlife
  • Camping can be Educational
  • Purchase your Roadrunner License Plate
  • #NMTeamGame andFish
  • From Trout Challenge to Art Class


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