Otters, Fishing Tips and Hunter Education - NM Wildlife Monthly Update - May 2021


Otter Release

River Otters Find a New Home on the Rio Grande

Did you say river otters in the Rio Grande? That is correct; between 2008 and 2010, 33 river otters were released into the upper Rio Grande. Since then, there have been many sightings of these intelligent and playful animals, some as far south as Cochiti Lake.

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HE Student

Hunter Education Classes in the Time of COVID-19

The COVID pandemic changed the way things operate, including the Department of Game and Fish.

The extra efforts from New Mexico Game and Fish employees to work around office closures while still offering email and phone assistance to those wishing to apply for the big game draw and the folks working hard to reflect positively on this agency should be lauded in far more than writing.

One challenge the Department faced in particular: our Hunter Education program.

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Open faced reel

How to Cast an Open-Faced Spinning Reel

Spinning reels are designed to hold the line, cast and then retrieve the line easily. Reels come in three types: the closed–faced, bait-casting reel and open-faced spinning reel. By reviewing this tutorial, you can learn how to use an open-faced spinning reel before getting out to the water. 

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Meet Nagako Chroninger - #TeamNM GameandFish

Managing a multi-million-dollar budget takes a team of individuals, carefully coordinating, planning, ensuring policies are honored and providing consistency. Each division and region has a person dedicated to ensuring that processes are followed, budgets are managed, bills are paid, quotes are requested and so much more.

Learn more about #TeamNMGameandFish member Nagako Chroninger here.


Wildlife Research on Kirtland Air Force Base

Researchers are working with Kirtland Air Force Base on a multi-year wildlife research study and habitat restoration project on the military installation. The installation provides habitat for a diverse wildlife community that includes species of birds, reptiles and mammals of conservation concern. Kirtland Air Force Base implements various habitat restoration projects to manage these wildlife populations.

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May 2021

In this month's issue:
  • River Otters find a New Home
  • Hunter Education during COVID-19
  • Casting an Open-Faced Reel
  • #NMTeamGame andFish
  • Wildlife Research on Kirtland Air Force Base
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