New recipes for a new hunting season from New Mexico Wildlife's Monthly Update


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To our readers, 

In New Mexico, the month of August means the start of pronghorn season. Hunting kicks off in early August, with the bulk of our pronghorn hunts offered during that month. The Department also offers a youth hunt in October and a late season hunt in the southeast in December.

For those hoping to refill their freezers with pronghorn, we wanted to offer up some recipes for you to try out at home. I have yet to hunt pronghorn, but recently had the good fortune to receive a few pounds of backstrap and ground meat. Pronghorn is lean, just like venison; therefore, you may need a little butter or ground pork to add some fat. Finding recipes wasn't hard; I had a few venison recipes and decided to swap out the venison with pronghorn. We also reached out to a few pronghorn hunters who were happy to offer their own recipes for this particular meat. I hope you give them a try.

In closing, we’ve also decided to include an extra feature in this newsletter about the wild game donation form you’ll find on page 119 of the 2020-2021 Hunting Rules and Information book. We asked Corporal Jake Baulch in T or C to explain the form and why it’s so important to fill out, even if you just receive a pound of game meat from a family member.

And, as always, let us know on Facebook what you’re cooking tonight.

Alexa J. Henry
Editor, New Mexico Wildlife


Pronghorn for beginners 

Pronghorn is a versatile meat-- so versatile you can easily swap out your store-bought meats with pronghorn in many favorite dishes. Two avid hunters shared their go-to Italian recipes:



Greek-inspired venison pitas

This popular sandwich is usually served with lamb. We tried it with venison and were quite happy with the delicious result. Try it tonight.

elk roast

Traditional elk roast

This straight-forward recipe calls for a tender elk roast cut and a handful of basic ingredients. Click here to learn how to prepare it.  


Spicy catfish plate

New Mexico waters support three species of catfish: the channel, flathead and blue, found in both rivers and reservoirs. If you're planning to go after catfish this summer, try out this recipe


Possessing wild game: Learn the rules 

Anyone in possession of game or fish needs to be in possession of a valid license, game tag, certificate or permit or invoice. Read this Q&A with one of our officers to learn more.