Brief Hennepin Ave Update

CM Chughtai



Yesterday, the Council voted to approve a layout for Hennepin Ave, along with my amendments that ensured 24/7 bus lanes and restricted parking on the street. This 8-5 vote represented community vision and was an important step forward. 

Earlier this evening, the Mayor vetoed these actions.

I reject the Mayor’s framing of 24/7 bus lanes as a “loss” for small businesses. This is a talking point of fear that denies data. On one of the most dangerous streets in the state for pedestrians, transit users, bikers, and drivers, investment in people-centered infrastructure is vital. I’ve championed this layout because it’s one where all community members benefit. 

My amendments did two things: 1. Ensured no parking in the bus lanes. 2. Guaranteed loading bays continue to exist throughout the corridor for parking so drop-offs and deliveries continue to be possible for businesses.

Over my 5 months representing this community, I’ve met with countless residents, businesses, and organizations about this redesign. Over the last few weeks, thousands of you have contacted my office urging me to ensure the future of this corridor serves people, especially those who are most marginalized. Thank you for your advocacy. I, along with a majority of the Council, delivered on that. 

At our next Council meeting on June 30th, we will take up the vetoed items for reconsideration. When my office returns from the holiday weekend, we will share a longer update, next steps, and how you can plug in.

In solidarity, 

Aisha Chughtai