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May 15, 2019

Message from Prince George's County Executive

Dear friends:

PLEASE NOTE - There was an error in the previous email that was sent. We apologize for the mistake. It has been corrected below. We have also included a link to the survey that is being conducted by the search firm that will give you another opportunity to weigh in as to what qualities you would like to see in our permanent CEO. If you would like to take the survey, please click here.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to come to our public hearing regarding the search for the permanent CEO of our public school system. For those of you who couldn't attend, you can watch the hearing in its entirety on our YouTube page by clicking here. More than 80 people signed up to testify to let us know their thoughts regarding the search.

Many people also asked why we have to do the search in the first place, so I wanted to take a minute to explain why we have to go through the search and selection process. The bottom line is that the law requires us to do this. While we could reappoint an incumbent CEO without a search process, our current CEO, Dr. Monica Goldson, is not an incumbent. Even though she is the interim CEO, she does not fit the legal definition of an incumbent, so we must do the search.

While I know that there are some people who disagree with that assessment, to be sure that we were doing what the law requires, we had the county's Office of Law and the Maryland Attorney General's Office weigh in and both agreed that, according to the law, Dr. Goldson did not meet the definition of incumbent, therefore we have to conduct the search.

That being the case, below is a step by step description of the process that we will follow.

In accordance with state law, the Prince George’s County Executive selects the CEO from a list of candidates recommended by a 3-member search committee. Members of the committee are:

2 Prince George’s County residents (appointed by the Governor)

1 member of the State Board of Education (appointed by the State Superintendent)

The Chair of the Search Committee is selected by the State Superintendent

The Search Committee, in collaboration with a national search firm, conducts a national search for candidates that meet the qualifications outlined by the Search Committee members, the County Executive and the community.

The Search Committee, in consultation with the search firm, will conduct interviews with the candidates.

Upon the conclusion of interviews and deliberation by the Search Committee, the Committee will recommend 3 candidates to the County Executive for her consideration.

The County Executive will interview all 3 candidates and will consider input from the community, Board of Education members and other county leadership, when selecting a CEO.

Once the County Executive announces her selection, the Board Chair, acting on behalf of the Board of Education, negotiates a contract with the selected candidate.

Once an agreement is reached, the Board of Education votes on the negotiated contract at a public Board meeting and formally appoints the new CEO.

After the Board’s vote, the Board must request the approval of the State Superintendent via written correspondence that outlines the general terms of the contract. Upon receipt, the State Superintendent will inform the Board of either her approval or disapproval.

If the State Superintendent disapproves of the Board’s appointment, the State Superintendent must provide the reasons for disapproval in writing to the Board of Education and the County Executive.

So, that is the process that the law requires us to follow and that is what we will do. Our goal is to have all three candidates selected by the middle of June. From there, I will interview them and make my selection. We hope to finish the entire process by June 30 and name our permanent CEO.

I want to thank everyone who attended last night and gave their thoughts about what we need in a CEO going forward. I want you to know that I heard you loud and clear and I firmly believe that after going through this process, we will come away with the best CEO to lead our school system and ensure a bright future for our children.

Yours in service,
Angela D. Alsobrooks
Prince George's County Executive

Attendees at the Public Hearing for Prince George's County Public School System CEO

Attendees at the Public Hearing for PGCPS CEO Search