COOLING CENTERS OPENING September 4 through Thursday, September 6


Cooling Centers

[September 4, 2018] – Forecasters are anticipating excessive heat with heat indices near or above 100 degrees for our area today, September 4 through Thursday, September 6. Because of the anticipated high temperatures, the Carroll County Department of Citizen Services and the Carroll County Public Library System will operate cooling centers around the county.  Residents who are vulnerable to extreme heat and who do not have air conditioning in their homes are encouraged to cool off in any of the following locations until the close of business:

Cooling centers are open during regular business hours at County Senior Centers and the Department of Citizen Services.

• Citizen Services Office Building, 10 Distillery Drive, Westminster (8 AM - 4 PM, Mon. - Fri)

• Mount Airy Senior and Community Center, 703 Ridge Avenue, Mount Airy (8 AM - 4 PM, Mon. - Fri)

• North Carroll Senior and Community Center, 2328 Hanover Pike, Hampstead (8 AM - 4 PM, Mon. - Fri)

• South Carroll Senior and Community Center, 5928 Mineral Hill Road, Eldersburg (8 AM - 4 PM, Mon. - Fri)

• Taneytown Senior and Community Center, 220 Roberts Mill Road, Taneytown (8 AM - 4 PM, Mon. - Fri)

• Westminster Senior and Community Center, 125 Stoner Ave., Westminster (8 AM - 4 PM, Mon. - Fri)

All branches of the Carroll County Public Library System will also be open as cooling centers during regular business hours, Monday – Thursday 9:00 AM – 8:45 PM; Friday and Saturday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. Both the Eldersburg and Westminster branches are also open on Sunday from 1:00-5:00 PM.

• Eldersburg Branch, 6400 Hemlock Drive, Eldersburg (also open Sunday from 1:00 – 5:00 PM)

• Finksburg Branch, 2265 Old Westminster Pike, Finksburg

• Mt. Airy Branch, 705 Ridge Avenue, Mt. Airy

• North Carroll Branch, 2255 Hanover Pike, Hampstead

• Taneytown Branch, 10 Grand Drive, Taneytown

• Westminster Branch, 50 East Main Street, Westminster (also open Sunday from 1:00 – 5:00 PM)

Carroll County Emergency Management offers the following safety tips for when temperatures and humidity are high:

• Slow down. Strenuous activities should be reduced or rescheduled for the coolest times of day.

• Wear loose, lightweight, and light colored clothing.

• Eat less protein and more fruits and vegetables, and drink plenty of water.

• Stay in air-conditioned buildings or rooms, and limit time outside if possible. Additional places you can go to cool down include stores, malls, restaurants, churches, movie theaters, and homes of friends and family.

• Check up on neighbors who may be more vulnerable to hot weather.

• NEVER leave a child, pet, or elderly person alone in a car, even for a minute. This can quickly cause heatstroke and even death. If you see a child, elderly person, or pet alone in a car, call 911.

For additional information, visit the Carroll County Health Department website.

Additional options for keeping cool are available during the day: