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January 2024

2024 Tax Season Has Arrived

The Indiana Department of Revenue (DOR) will start accepting filings for the 2024 Individual income tax season on Monday, Jan. 29, 2024, along with the IRS.

DOR encourages customers to use electronic filing, online payment and direct deposit to significantly improve the accuracy and speed of the return and refund processes. Customers must file both their state and federal tax returns and pay any taxes owed for 2023 by Monday, April 15, 2024.

Customers who wish to contact DOR directly can use INTIME’s secure messaging for the most efficient service.

1099-Gs sent by DOR

Form 1099-Gs were distributed by the department in January for refunds, rebates or credits issued in 2023. DOR is required to provide this information to the taxpayer and IRS because the amount may be considered income for federal tax purposes. It is not considered taxable income in Indiana and can be deducted using Schedule 2.

Check our website for more information about Form 1099-G or visit the IRS website.

Electronic Power of Attorney

Some taxpayers grant Power of Attorney (POA) to a tax practitioner to speak with DOR on their behalf about their state taxes. They even allow their tax practitioner electronic access to their Indiana tax information via INTIME, DOR’s e-services portal.

An electronic Power of Attorney (ePOA) request is separate from Form POA-1, although DOR considers the two as equivalent for the purpose of discussing tax matters. Granting an ePOA allows a tax practitioner to view a customer’s INTIME account(s) (individual and business), payment history, provide documents, and access letters and messages. Visit the INTIME Tax Center and POA FAQs for more.

Form POA-1 has been reduced to a one-page document with a maximum of two authorized representatives per form and provides one Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) and Social Security Number (SSN) field. One form per customer is required and any additional POAs must be listed on a separate form.

Helpful Resources

Do not make changes to DOR tax forms

Do not manually change any part of a tax form issued by DOR—including the year—as this will not apply your intended information and/or payment to the correct year and/or potentially the correct taxpayer. You must download and use the correct year’s form from our website or through your software provider.

Changing forms may result in unexpected/mistakenly issued refunds or bills that could incur interest and/or fees.

DOR will process your filings as submitted.

Get current year tax forms. Download the most recent IN-PTET Form and read the instructions.

DOR is Hiring


Visit workforindiana.in.gov for information on competitive benefits such as affordable health care, retirement plans, generous paid leave and career development opportunities, then search for Department of Revenue openings.

ID Verification Passcode Protects Against Fraud

If DOR suspects a tax return is fraudulent, a letter is sent to verify a customer’s identity. Customers will need to make sure the name and address information at the top of the letter matches an Indiana income tax return they recently filed. DOR must verify the customer’s identity in order to process a return and issue any potential refund. Customers have 45 days from the date of their letter to complete this ID verification. To verify their identity, customers must visit INTIME, locate "Where's my refund?," and select "Verify my identity." Next, they enter the passcode on the letter, last four digits of the primary filer's SSN, and the AGI from the Individual tax return. If no return was filed, customers can select that they did not file one. Learn more about Tax Fraud and ID Confirmation.

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