Welcome to our very first E-newsletter!

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Jurupa Valley

Quarterly Newsletter-2018

Welcome to our very first E-newsletter!

City hall


 New year, New project! 

As a recently incorporated city, we are overjoyed to introduce a new project as a form of effective communication and benefit to our fellow residents.  This newsletter will include information about city hall departments and their services, new city projects, events, community service opportunities, emergency preparedness information, city calendar, key contacts, and much more!  

With our constant growing population, it is highly important for us to build a highly educated citizenry environment. We look forward to a new year of endless opportunities, prosperity, and to serve the needs of our residents to the best of our ability! 


Table of Contents

City Manager's Message

Greetings to all residents, businesses and visitors of the City of Jurupa Valley. Welcome to the City’s first Email Newsletter. We hope you find the information and articles useful. For my first newsletter message, I wanted to share with you some facts concerning an important topic relative to the recent enactment of Proposition 64, the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Proposition 64 and Marijuana Dispensaries and Cultivation 

The City continues to receive a number of resident and local business owner complaints regarding the illegal marijuana dispensaries in the City. Their concerns are the negative impact they are having on the surrounding businesses, and exposure to children from some of the clientele frequenting these establishments. The City continues to be aware of a significant amount of misinformation circulating in the public domain concerning the legality of these dispensaries and the City allowing them to operate. First off, let me start by saying that ALL dispensaries and any commercial cultivation activities currently operating in the City are ILLEGAL and PROHIBITED under City ordinance as authorized under state law, and have no permits whatsoever to operate. 

Current state law under both the medical marijuana legalization from the mid 1990’s and most recently, Proposition 64 for recreational use, allows cities and counties to regulate and prohibit commercial cultivation and commercial sale of marijuana, including medical marijuana. There is a misconception that because both of those initiatives legalized the use of marijuana in the state, that commercial sales and cultivation were legal as well. This is not the case. Since incorporation of the City, marijuana dispensaries and commercial cultivation have been illegal in the City under the previously adopted Riverside County ordinances, and at no time were they ever legalized. Recently, with the passage of Proposition 64, City Ordinance 2016-13 was adopted which Amended Chapter 11.25 of Title 11 of the City’s Municipal Code to regulate marijuana activities as authorized with the new statute. 

Proposition 64 specifically confirms that cities and counties can still prohibit any commercial activity related to cultivation, retail sales and mobile deliveries of marijuana, which includes prohibiting dispensaries. As such the new City ordinance continues those prohibitions in the City, but does allow home grown plants- 6 per household for recreational use, and 12 per person, 24 total per household, for medical purposes with a valid medical marijuana card issued by the County. These home grown plants are subject to certain restrictions as to location on the property. To review the entire ordinance, please visit the City website or contact the City Clerk’s office for a copy.

To date, the City has closed over 50 illegal dispensaries that have operated in the City at one time or another since incorporation in 2011. Of the 14 remaining that are currently operating, all of them are violating court ordered injunctions to cease operations and close. Unfortunately, the court system is slow, and these dispensaries continue to thumb their nose at the courts since the profits from these activities are so lucrative. The City continues to push through the court system to gain compliance of these injunctions. Although the process is lengthy, the City has never lost a court decision to close a dispensary. In fact, several property owners that have allowed dispensaries to operate have since had significant monetary judgements levied against their properties for recovery of court and legal fees. Liens are placed on properties that do not pay these judgements, thus precluding any property sale or refinance until the lien is paid off. 

On January 1, 2018 Proposition 64 went into effect legalizing recreational sales and cultivation of marijuana under state issued licenses. Under the implementing legislation for Proposition 64, the state is responsible for issuing state licenses for all commercial marijuana activity, including cultivation and sales (dispensaries) for both recreational and medical. The legislation also bars the state from issuing a license for a location within a jurisdiction that prohibits this activity. Thus, the state is barred from issuing any state licenses for any commercial cultivation or sales (dispensaries) within the City of Jurupa Valley. Any violation of this prohibition by an illegal commercial cultivation facility or dispensary will also now fall under state enforcement proceedings. The City recently transmitted information on the existing dispensaries operating illegally in the City to the state Bureau of Cannabis Control for their enforcement for violation of state licensing requirements. 

Additionally, a response was received in November 2017 to a City letter written to US Attorney General Jeff Sessions last May concerning Federal enforcement of Federal marijuana laws. As you all may be aware, marijuana is still listed as an illegal drug (controlled substance) under Federal law, and the Attorney General has made it clear that this is his view, regardless of states that have legalized its use and sale. The response confirmed that any evidence obtained of illegal activities under Federal law related to marijuana should be forwarded to the local Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) office for investigation, and possible criminal prosecution under Federal law. The City is in the process of making those contacts now with the appropriate Federal authorities to engage them in the enforcement process. 

Recently, Attorney General Sessions announced that he has advised the local U.S. Attorneys to use their discretion in prioritizing enforcement and prosecution of Federal law with regard to marijuana within their districts. As such, the City is in the process of submitting to the US Attorney for our district information on file for the existing illegal dispensaries currently operating in the City. 

Lastly, a registered voter petition for a ballot measure to legalize cultivation and sales (dispensaries) of recreational and medical marijuana has qualified for the June Primary election. Therefore, the registered voters of Jurupa Valley will have the opportunity to weigh in on this issue. However, even if this ballot measure is adopted, this will not apply to any violations of Federal law that the US Attorney deems necessary for enforcement and prosecution. Additionally, a second ballot measure that would allow the registered voters of Jurupa Valley to confirm the current City ordinance prohibiting these commercial activities will also be on the same ballot. More information concerning these two ballot measures will be forthcoming in the future.   

In conclusion, I hope this clears up some of the questions regarding marijuana related issues in the City, and as always, please be sure to contact City Hall for any questions you have concerning City functions, problems that need addressed, or assistance in activities you are engaged in requiring working with City Hall.



Gary Thompson

City Manager

The City of Jurupa Valley Welcomes Lt. Steve Kusy as the City’s New Assistant Police Chief

Lt. Kusy
From left to right: Chief of Jurupa Valley Station Captain Daniel Hedge, Council Member Anthony Kelly, Council Member Verne Lauritzen, Mayor Pro Tem Brian Berkson, Mayor Micheal Goodland, Council Member Laura Roughton, Lt. Steve Kusy

We look forward to working with you and the Jurupa Valley Sheriff’s Department.

Did you know Jurupa Valley is the newest City in California?

  • Incorporated in July, 2011
  • 482nd City in California and the 28th City in Riverside County.
  • It is a community of communities, 9 communities make up Jurupa Valley within a 44 miles radius:Jurupa Hills, Mira Loma, Glen Avon, Pedley, Indian Hills, Belltown, Sunnyslope, Crestmore Heights, and Rubidoux.
  • Derives from Native American Tribes who called it their "home". 
  • Mix of high and low-density residential development, rural farming and other agricultural activities, and a mix of commercial retail and industrial activity. 
  • The Santa Ana River, largest river in Southern California, runs along Mission Blvd., Van Buren and Wineville, broadening the scenic views and horse back riding opportunities within Jurupa Valley.

Meet our City Hall Departments!

Planning Department

Planning Pic

The main responsibility of the City Planning Department is to assist the City Manager and the City Council to implement the City’s General Plan.  The General Plan is used for guidance to private developers, City public works projects, homeowners and businesses in the physical development of our community.  When the City first incorporated in 2011, the Council adopted parts of the County General Plan that applied to Jurupa Valley.  In September 2017 the Council adopted a new General Plan to replace the County plan which reflects the goals and values of Jurupa Valley citizens.  

The Planning Department answers questions about zoning and land use, and analyzes development proposals to ensure they are consistent with the General Plan.  Examples of development projects currently being reviewed include:

  • A new shopping center proposed at Philadelphia Avenue and Country Village Road.

  •  A private school (Spartan College) planned to be located at the Flabob Airport.

  •  Redevelopment of the Riverside Cement plant north of Market Street and Rubidoux Blvd. for industrial buildings.

  •  A proposed ten building industrial park on 20th Street a quarter mile west of Rubidoux Blvd.

  • A proposed master planned community of homes, parks and schools in the hills east of the Sunnyslope community.

  • A proposed assisted living facility on Mission Blvd. in Glen Avon.

These, and other similar development proposals, will be considered at a future public hearing by the Planning Commission.  The Planning Commission makes recommendations to the City Council if the General Plan or zoning is proposed to be changed, but in most other cases will make the decision to approve or deny the project.

The Advance Planning group researches, studies and prepares amendments to the zoning ordinance or to the General Plan when directed by the City Council.  Studies are now underway to evaluate allowing the on-line sale of alcoholic beverages from industrial warehouses and changes to the zoning ordinance to comply with new State laws concerning accessory dwelling units.

The Planning Department provides staff support for the Planning Commission and supports the City Engineer and the Public Works Department in the determination of General Plan consistency for the Capital Improvement Program.

For questions regarding: property zoning info., number of animals allowed, or what is allowed on a property, contact the Planning Department at 951-332-6464 ext:223.

Building and Safety

The Building and Safety Department reviews construction plans for businesses as well as residential projects followed by periodical inspections to ensure that the work meets various building codes. Many project plans have come through the city plan check and are already servicing our great community. Here are some examples: 

  •  Jurupa Valley welcomed one new AM/PM Arco Station located at 7850 limonite Ave and another station soon located at 8250 Mission Blvd.

  •  As of December 2017, a permit has been issued to build a brand new 40,000 square foot medical facility to be located on Mission Blvd west of Pedley Rd.

Permits and Plan Check start at City Hall with our ICC Certified Permit Techs. Permit Techs are at the counter from 8:00am to 12:00pm Monday through Friday , ready to answer questions and assist on the plan check process. Our goal is to make sure all plans are approved and compliant to today’s codes for the safety of the community. This past June, all three Permit Techs, Lindsay, David and Becky became ICC Permit Tech Certified. Lindsay and David passed their cert exam thanks to special training from lead tech, Becky with 30+ years of experience and our Building Official Keith Clarke. Much progress has been made to service the community with great improvements to the plan check process including our Permit Assign Log which is now located at the front counter. This improvement alone will help reduce the wait time to get a permit or to get plans submitted to plan check. 

The heart of this large department, are the Code Enforcement Officers. These individuals are responsible for responding to any and all complaints that violate city codes and ordinances. The #1 goal as a Code Enforcement Officer is the Safety and well-being of everyone and the environment. Earlier this year, 3 of our Code Enforcement Officers Frank , Gilmar, and Irwin  completed their CACEO training classes and are fully certified. This is a testament of the Building Department’s commitment to serve our great city  

Through hard and humbled working hands, the building and safety department as well as the rest, are here to make Jurupa Valley a safe and ideal place to live.

For questions regarding: permits,  building inspections, and wind or speed zone climate contact the Building and Safety department at 951-332-6464 ext:400.

Building pic

Online Inspection Requests

 For your convenience, we offer the opportunity to schedule building or tract inspections online through our city website. Accommodations are reflected based on your choice of inspection date and window time frame.


As a reminder the cut-off time to schedule an inspection is at 6am on the day of the inspection.

Schedule your next inspection here : http://www.jurupavalley.org/Departments/Development-Services/Building-and-Safety/Online-Inspection-Requests/Online-Building-Inspection-Request

For further building inspection questions contact the Building and Safety Department at 951-332-6464 ext: 400.

Code Enforcement

Key Accomplishments

  •   Received 2,264 complaints
  •   Conducted 5,468 investigations.
  • Continued to assist the Sheriff’s Department in identifying and abating abandoned vehicles on city streets.
  • Continued to monitor 300+ parcels for compliance on weed abatement.
  •  Mailed out and posted 402 Notice of Inspections on properties.
  •  Mailed out and posted 1,073 Notice of Violation and Orders on properties.
  • Continued to monitor illegal signs posted in the public right of way.
  • Continued to monitor vendors throughout the city on weekend enforcement issued 176 citations.
  •   Issued 188 Administrative citations for non-compliance.
  • Assisted the Sheriff’s Department by issuing 104 notices to properties for noise violations.

Fiscal Year 2017-18 Goals

  • Continue to issue citations for illegal vendors, construction without permits and illegal signs throughout the City.
  • Continue proactive sign enforcement.
  • Continue to assist the Sheriff's Department by sending out Notices for Noise violations, after citations have been issued by the Sheriff's Department.
  •   Coordinate and conduct "construction without permit inspections" at marijuana dispensaries throughout the City with assistance from the Sheriff’s Department.
  •   Continue to assist the Building and Safety Department with abandoned construction projects and identify construction performed without inspections or permits.
  • Conduct weed abatement inspections throughout the City.
  • Continue to assist the Building and Safety Department with abandoned construction projects and identify construction performed without inspections.
  •   Continue to distribute performance surveys to applicants and report results to the City Council.

Code enforcement

Trash and debris on private property








                                       Code complaints and responses:


                                        Top code enforcement activities:


 For questions regarding: code violations, how to get notices released, status on a reported case, or sanitary community questions contact the Code Enforcement Department at 951-332-6464 ext:226.


Senate Bill 1 (SB1), the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 (RRAA), was signed into law on April 28, 2017. This legislative package invests $54 billion over the next decade to fix roads, freeways and bridges in communities across California and puts more dollars toward transit and safety. 

Senate Bill 132 benefited Riverside County directly with more than $427,000,000 identified for transportation infrastructure projects in the Riverside County. The citizens of Jurupa Valley will see over $157,000,000 invested in our community. Projects include:

  • In the first year , Jurupa Valley will receive an increase of $555,000 in its allocation of Motor Vehicle Fuel tax (Gas Tax) for the specific use in repairing and rehabilitating City streets. As this amount was only for a partial year, significantly greater increases in this important source of funding for our streets and street related operations are expected next year and the years after that, currently estimated to be $1,700,000 to $2,000,000 annually for 10 years. This amount is in addition to the approximate $3,000,000 annual allotment of Gas Tax and Measure “A” funds.

  • Riverside County Transportation Commission (RCTC) to receive $108,500,000 specifically identified for the grade separation of Jurupa Road and Union Pacific Railroad. City, County and RCTC will cooperate in the design and construction of this improvement.

  •  RCTC to receive $48,000,000 specifically identified for construction of a new interchange at Limonite Avenue and Interstate 15. Jurupa Valley, City of Eastvale, County of Riverside and RCTC will cooperate in the design and construction of this improvement.

  RCTC is the recipient of the state funds for the two projects   above that will be passed-through to the lead agency. These are an integral part of recently created Riverside County Transportation Efficiency Corridor (RCTEC) which provides maximum return on investment to Riverside County taxpayers. The confluence of freight, goods movement, affordable housing, and job creation lies at the center of the RCTEC. Two of the five major RCTEC projects are in Jurupa Valley.

For questions regarding: storm water management review, traffic control, plan design, inspection, counter services, or permit applications (encroachment, grading, self-haul, parade/special event, improvement plan, survey project), contact the Engineering Department at 951-332-6464 ext:233.


Public Works

The City of Jurupa Valley’s Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and operation of all public facilities including, city streets, public right of way areas, and traffic signals. Utilizing the citizen reporting application, E Citizen, the Public Works Department responds to requests of service in a timely manner for issues such as, potholes, weed abatement, tree trimming, and litter pickup. The Public Works Dept. strives to provide residents of Jurupa Valley with  a safe and clean place to work and live.

We recently completed the following projects:

  •  Annual City Wide Catch Basin Cleaning Program.The City performed a cleaning of 1038 catch basins citywide.
  • Tree trimming L&LMD and City ROW areas. The City removed 42 dead trees within the L&LMD and Public ROW areas and trimmed 1,274 trees within the L&LMD areas.
  •  Pothole Patching City Wide. The City performed hotmix patching in multiple areas of the City utilizing approximately 15 tons of asphalt.

Here are the projects we have upcoming:

  • Annual L&LMD Tree trimming program. The City will continue performing trimming of the trees located within the City maintained Lighting and Landscape Maintenance Districts.

  •  2nd phase of street marking re striping. The City will begin working on the second phase of our re striping program which will include work being performed on the following streets.
  • Country Village Rd.
  • Mission Blvd.
  • Jurupa Rd.
  • Agate
  • Galena Rd.

  •  Dead Tree removal program. The City will continue removing large diameter dead trees within the Mira Loma areas.

  • Begin pre-emergent weed spraying, weather depending, city wide in preparation of future rain events to prevent future weed growth.

For questions regarding: street maintenance issues, graffiti reporting, street light outage, pothole or road hazard, traffic signal maintenance, or tree maintenance contact the Public Works Department at 951-332-6464 ext: 231. 

Public Works

Check out our E-citizen App!

No Graffitti

Want to know the simplest way on how to report potholes, city municipal violations, illegal dumping, and graffiti plus more for FREE? Download our E-Citizen App now! 

The City of Jurupa Valley, along with agencies such as JCSD, has partnered to offer the E-Citizen app to its fellow residents. Built by CitySourced, the E-Citizen app allows residents to make reports on real time by simply taking a picture of the issue, inserting a brief description, and marking the geographical location. Users will be allowed to report non-emergency issues within the city such as:  water waste, graffiti, vandalism, potholes, city municipal code violations and more through their smart phone devices. To further address this app’s convenience, citizens can follow up on the status of their report by either receiving notifications or through via email.

Download our E-Citizen app on your phone by visiting either the iTunes or Google Play store.

Instructions for iPhone users: Click here 

Instructions for Android users: Click here

After downloading our app, follow these quick easy steps and get your report in!

See an issue

  • Snap and include a photo/video/voice memo (optional)
  • Select the location
  • Select issue from the list
  • Provide a description
  • Submit it

Helpful tips:

  • Although this app will be on your phone, we advise to secure safety first and foremost. Please do NOT report and drive!
  • If this is a life threatening emergency dial 911.
E-citizen app

How Will You be Prepared for an Emergency?

The importance of emergency preparedness is universal. Although emergency disasters are unpredictable, they can happen anywhere at any time and it is at everyone's best interest to be prepared.

There are several resources available  that educate individuals on emergency preparedness. Below is listed one of many that can lead you into becoming your very own version of an "emergency preparedness manager".

 The non-profit organization, Do-1-thing is a 12-month emergency preparedness program that provides individuals with a strategic way that makes emergency preparedness much easier and simpler. Through the simple act of signing up , this program walks individuals through small steps that lead into a greater overall result and better emergency  preparedness stage. The monthly topics covered are as follows, build your own food and communications plan, first aid kit, emergency supplies, sheltering, water, and much more. Individuals can then slowly start preparing for an emergency by focusing on one specific topic every month. 

Emergency preparedness varies in setting, therefore Do 1 thing, offers their 12 month program for individuals at either home based setting or a business environment. 

Getting started is easy, sign-up on the following link: http://do1thing.com/ 

It is time to prepare yourself, your family, and your community!

DO 1 thing

City of Jurupa Valley Military Banner Program

Front and back

The City of Jurupa Valley is proud to honor the men and women currently serving in the United States Armed Forces. 

For information about the City of Jurupa Valley’s Military Banner Program, please visit our website at: http://www.jurupavalley.org/Residents/Military-Banner-Program 

If you would like to sponsor this program or have any questions, please contact             Terri Rollings at: (951) 332-6464 or via email: trollings@jurupavalley.org 

Looking for Community Engagement?


Join a Healthy Jurupa Valley Action Team! 

Healthy Jurupa Valley Mission: to inspire residents to ignite change, bring greater health, safety and quality of life to everyone in the city.

Be part of our projects, event planning, meetings and more!

 HJV is lead by volunteers who welcome ALL residents to be part of our action teams!

Check out our action team meeting dates, time, and contact info: 


1.      Arts and Recreation: To inspire artistic and creative endeavors throughout the community and to strive to develop and enhance opportunities for active living.

Projects:Public Art Access, Utility Box Painting; Intersection Painting, Adopt a Wall Murals ,The Walk Rubidoux ,Little Free Libraries. 

  • Action Team Chair- Emilee Fox- foxee22@gmail.com
  •  When: 2nd Thursday of every month, from 9:30-11:00am
  • Where: 8304 Limonite Ave. Suite C Jurupa Valley, Ca. 92509

Arts and Recreation

2.      Community Prosperity: Personally and professionally, we are financially supporting our current state of health, which include stress levels, home/workplace environments, quality of relationships, maintaining personal values, etc. The Community Prosperity Action Team seeks to build and provide a support system to improve economic health, which increases one's overall quality of life. 

Projects: Shop Local Program, Annual Small Business Summit.

  • Action Team Chair- Gwen Stewart-                              icelebrateu@hotmail.com
  • When: 3rd Wednesday of every month, 9:15-11:00am
  • Where: 8304 Limonite Ave suite C, Jurupa Valley, Ca. 92509  
Community prosperity

 3.      JVFRN- A network of care providers who gather once a month, sharing their knowledge and resources in a collaborative effort to effectively provide services to the residents of Jurupa Valley.  

  • Action Team Chair- Sharron Lambeth- sllambeth@outlook.com
  • When: 4th Thursday of every month, 9:00-11:00am
  • Where: 5881 El Palomino Dr. Jurupa Valley, Ca. 92509

 4.      Gardens & Markets: To provide Jurupa Valley residents with community/school gardens and Farmer’s Markets to increase healthy food access, strengthen outdoors engagement, and reduce environmental impacts. 

Projects: Planting community gardens at school sites and local parks, gardening classes, Farmers Market.

  • Action Team Chair: Pauline Cook-                              pcook0339@gmail.com
  •  Co-Chair: Natalie Rocha- natalie.rocha@we-reachout.org
  •  When: 3rd Tuesday of the Month, 9:00-11:00am
  • Where: 11201 Harrel St., Jurupa Valley, Ca. 91752
Farmers Market

 5.      Safety & Readiness: Get educated on emergency preparedness! This action team educates residents on how to be prepared for an emergency, overlooks ordinances, and has established a drug-prescription drop-off box located at the Jurupa Valley Sherriff’s Department.

Projects: Prescription Drop Box, CERT Classes in Jurupa Valley.

  • Action Team Chair: William Seals-                              william@we- reachout.org
  • Co-Chair: Anna Gamble- madagamble@gmail.com
  •  When: 3rd Thursday of the month, 1:00-3:00pm
  • Where: 8304 Limonite Ave suite C, Jurupa Valley, Ca. 92509  
Safety and readiness

Join us for our next Healthy Jurupa Valley monthly meeting, where we gather and welcome ALL Jurupa Valley residents for a time of fellowship, networking, and an opportunity to be informed about upcoming events and current action team projects! 

                   Healthy Jurupa Valley Monthly Meeting

                    Tuesday February 6th from 8:45-11:00am

                  4600 Crestmore Rd, Jurupa Valley, Ca. 92509

                             Hope to see you all there! 

For more information on how to get involved contact:

Josie Gaytan or Jennifer Contreras

E: Josie@we-reachout.org


P: office (909) 982-8641/ cell (951)261-4334

Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/HealthyJurupaValley


"The Walk Rubidoux Project"


 Visit our first public mural and be inspired by motivational quotes while walking along "The Walk", in the Rubidoux Community between La Roe and Rubidoux Blvd. "The Walk Rubidoux Project" was designed to influence Jurupa Valley residents to feel safe walking around the area as they visit local businesses.

The mural was designed by a local Rubidoux resident and artist, Christine Chavez.  The vibrant and eye-catching design finds its foundation in the mission of Healthy Jurupa Valley, and bringing greater health and wellness to the City of Jurupa Valley.  Playing children and happy families are highlighted by a background that gives a nod to our agricultural history and our beautiful mountain view.  

The motivational quotes imply the idea of spreading positive messages throughout Jurupa Valley. Starting with the Rubidoux Community, 50 sticker messages are placed throughout "The Walk", making the sidewalks walkable and enjoyable.


The Healthy Living Extravaganza


         Being healthy and strong is a lifelong journey, you don’t have to rush!                  

Join the City of Jurupa Valley, City of Riverside, Healthy Riverside County, and

RivCoParks as they present the "Healthy Living Extravaganza" on

Saturday, April 28, 2018 as they provide you with resources on how to begin living a

healthy lifestyle! From healthy food vendors to outdoors activities, this extravaganza will prepare you for a change you would like to see within yourself!

The Healthy Living Extravaganza is beneficial for all ages; bring the whole family and  learn about all available services.

  Event Highlights:

Thrilling splash pad for water play, a rock climbing playground, miniature golf surrounded by spectacular waterfalls, variety of food vendors, entertainment for all ages, FREE health screenings, nutrition and meal planning, opportunity drawings, kids zone, and a disc golf course. Overall, it is a welcoming setting for all who would like to attend!

   Event Information:

                                                    April 28th, 2018

                              4800 Crestmore Road, Jurupa Valley, Ca. 92509

                                               Event Time- 10:00-3:00pm 

                                            5K Run/Walk starting at 8am

 For additional information about the event, or if you are interested in becoming a vendor,  sponsor or volunteer please visit: www.HealthyLivingExtravaganza.com

Jurupa Valley Cops and Clergy

Cops & Clergy


Our mission is to unite members of the faith-based community with law enforcement professionals assigned to the Jurupa Valley Sheriff’s Station.  Foster relationships build community trust and reduce criminal activity through educational outreach and intervention. As well as bridging the communication gap of understanding and the goals we strive to achieve within the community.

The primary goal of the Cops and Clergy Program is the development of trust between law enforcement professionals, the clergy, community organizations, and citizens within the communities we serve. This trust is developed and nurtured through relationship building and positive interactions.


The Jurupa Valley Sheriff’s Station is committed to educating the public on our goals in keeping the community safe. As well as, transparent communications with the Clergy, community organizations and citizens, focused on improving the social and spiritual hopes of the people.  Advocating understanding and respect regarding the important roles we play in safeguarding the community and comforting the needy.

The members of Cops and Clergy commit to participate in scheduled meetings to discuss community issues and involvement.  We further commit to participate in religious, and community events to promote our mission in fostering positive relationships. 

For questions on how to be involved contact:

Lt. Steven Kusy

Jurupa Valley Station

7477 Mission Blvd.

Jurupa, Ca. 92509


Desk (951) 955-2612

Jurupa Valley's Historic Spotlight

The Flabob Airport


The Tom Wathen Center, owner and operator of historic Flabob Airport, is excited for the upcoming year.  Flabob Airport is an educational campus designed to inspire people through the thrill of aviation.

The Tom Wathen Center has several youth programs including:

  •  Youth Opportunity Program – Teaching at-risk young people aviation skills
  • Flabob Airport Preparatory Academy – A free public charter school (currently offsite)
  •  Air Academy – Giving students a broad introduction to aviation science with hands-on activities
  • Airplane Restoration Projects - Small groups of young people learn restoration skills
  •  Educational Field Trips – Interactive briefing, student activities and tours
  • EAA Young Eagles – Free aircraft rides for students 8 – 17.
  • There are many big plans in the works for Flabob Airport in the upcoming year:  
  • We will be opening 56 hangars, which have been relocated from Rialto Airport.  
  • The entrance to Flabob is being designed with a park that will display a DC-3 aircraft, and provide a playground and picnic areas for families. 

March ARB was required to demolish historic Hangar 8 that was constructed at the Base in 1929. Flabob Airport stepped in and rescued the hangar with plans to erect the 22,000 square foot structure at Flabob for the new Spartan Education Center.  Spartan School of Aeronautics and Technology specializes in Airframe& Powerplant (A&P) Mechanics. The hangar will be restored to its original look including the yellow and black checkerboard roof.

The Tom Wathen Center is currently in the planning stages of a new Exploration Center.  The Exploration Center will house our 1930’s racing replica airplanes and engines.  Our library will be relocated to the Exploration Center and workshop classrooms will be included.

The Billie L. LeClair Civil Air Patrol (CAP) Squadron 31 is an active youth organization at Flabob.  2018 plans for the Squadron include a new facility with room for aircraft.

We are looking forward to an exciting year at the Airport.  Look for future updates at: flabobairport.org or join us for breakfast/lunch in the nostalgic Flabob Airport Café

The Tom Wathen Center at Historic Flabob Airport

4130 Mennes Avenue #24 – Jurupa Valley, Ca. 92509

Tel: (951)683-2309~ Fax: (951) 684-2309

http://www.flabob.org ~ http://www.tomwathencenter.org ~ http://www.facebook.com/flabobairport

Start off the Year on the Right PAW by Adopting a New Family Member!


The Riverside County Animal Shelter is participating in the Riverside County Fair in the month of February, where they will hold the biggest dog adoption off-site of the year!

Each year the animal shelter participates in the county fair throughout the ten day duration of the event. This is an opportunity for individuals to adopt dogs at a reduced rate, have them neutered/spay, vaccinated and microchipped.

 Last year there were three hundred dog adoptions, let's make 2018 go above and beyond!

For more information about the county fair visit:




Riverside County Department of Animal Services:

 6851 Van Buren Blvd

 Jurupa Valley, Ca. 92509

 (951) 358-7387 (PETS)
 Toll-free: 1-888-636-7387 (PETS)

 Fax: (951) 358-7300

Jurupa Valley Libraries

Jurupa Valley Libraries, Glen Avon and Louis Robidoux, continue to deepen community engagement!

 In addition to having endless books, computer access, and a comforting setting for studying, our libraries offer free services such as: computer classes for all ages (English and Spanish), bilingual story time, and homework help for kids K-8th, crotchet workshops, and arts and crafts for children.

Our libraries are entitled to offer knowledge and support to people of all ages!

Check out what our libraries have been up to along with their upcoming events:

Glen Avon: http://www.rivlib.info/website/branch-page-829/location/GlenAvon

9244 Galena

Jurupa Valley, Ca. 92509

Tel: (951) 685-8121

Fax: (951) 685-7158

glen avon

Louis Robidoux Library: http://www.rivlib.info/website/branch-page-829/location/Robidoux

5840 Mission Blvd

Jurupa Valley, Ca.  92509

Tel: (951) 682-5485

Fax: (951) 682-8641


Post Office Locations

  • United States Postal Service

          10798 Jurupa Rd. Jurupa Valley, Ca. 91752

          Phone: (800) 275-8777

  • Rubidoux Post Office

          8082 De Anza Plaza Dr. Jurupa Valley, Ca. 92509

          Phone: (951) 727-8346

City of Jurupa Valley Organizations and Key Contact Information:

resouce card

resource card back

Additional organization contact information:

  • Don Schroeder Family Care Center

          5256 Mission Boulevard, Jurupa Valley, Ca. 92509

          Phone: (951) 955-0840


  •  Jurupa Valley Boxing Club

           5626 Mission Boulevard, Riverside, Ca. 92509

           Phone: (951) 682-7186


  • Jurupa Chamber of Commerce

          7920 Limonite Ave B, Riverside, Ca. 92509

          Phone: (951) 681-9242


  • Jurupa Citizens Corps


  • Jurupa Valley Lions Club 


  • Jurupa Valley Rotary Club


  • Rubidoux Community Resource Center

          5498 Mission Boulevard, Jurupa Valley, CA 92509

          Phone: (951) 328-1575


Tree Lighting Holiday Open House Event Recap...

Tree lighting

The City of Jurupa Valley welcomed over 1, 500 people to its 3rd annual Holiday Tree Lighting and Open House. As a tradition, every first Friday of December, the City hosts this annual event that is free and open to everyone in our city. This year, we added a few new surprises to our lighting display, we had a visit from Sheriff Stan Sniff, and Droplet stopped by from Jurupa Community Services District. Our friends from LA Circus, Chester and Wini, provided a wonderful photo display outside and brought Santa a regal chair and of course what would the Holiday’s be without the Giant Mouse! 


The evening was magical and fun with a lot of activities for children that included a visit from Santa and Mrs. Claus! There were delicious cookies/hot chocolate/coffee from the Jurupa Unified School District, music by our local students from the RHS Choir and RHS Concert Band, and the JVHS Jazz Band. WRCOG along with SoCal Edison teamed up to offer a free Christmas lighting exchange, wow! There were many activity tables provided by the Healthy Jurupa Valley Action Teams, Jurupa Area Recreation and Parks Dist., Little Tykes Pre School, and healthy snacks provided by the Champions for Change team. We also had a visit from deputies from the Jurupa Valley Sheriff’s Department which included Police Dog Hyde, a Fire Truck from CalFire local station 16 and four firefighters, and our outstanding Citizens on Patrol Volunteer Sheriff’s team. A special thank you to our lighting specialists, Light It Up Pro! (Kevin) on another outstanding display! It was a fun, exciting evening and if you were not able to attend this year, we sure hope to see you next December. I am sure there will be more surprises in store for everyone! From all of us at City Hall, we wish you a very Happy New Year!

The City's First Time Capsule

The idea of intentionally hiding your personal items does not sound ideal right off the start, until you decide to hide them somewhere safe enough to look back at them 25 years from now. 

We are planning for our City’s first Time Capsule which will be kept at City Hall with an opening date on the City of Jurupa Valley’s 25th Birthday on July 1, 2035. The purpose is to sustain valuable items intended to communicate with people in the future. 

There are many meaningful items that can be put in a time capsule such as: city events, brochures, pins, coins, historical information, and we want YOU to identify some of your preferences. All suggestions can be taken at the suggestion station right in front of our museum at our City Hall. 

We look forward to finalizing this project and making it as meaningful as possible to our future citizens of Jurupa Valley.

time capsule

City Hall Observed Holidays

City Hall will be closed on the following dates due to indicated holidays.

  • January 1, 2018-New Year's Day
  • January 15, 2018-Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
  • February 19, 2018-President's Day
  • February 19, 2018- President's Day 
  • May 28, 2018 -Memorial Day
  • July 4, 2018-Independence Day
  • September 3, 2018-Labor Day
  • November 12, 2018-Veteran's Day
  • November 22, 2018-Thanksgiving Day
  • November 23, 2018-Day After Thanksgiving
  • December 25, 2018-Christmas Day

Thank you for subscribing to the  City of Jurupa Valley Quarterly Newsletter, we look forward to continue to update Jurupa Valley residents with the latest city news. Please stay tuned for out next publication. 

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Terri Rollings at (951) 332-6464 or via email: trollings@jurupavalley.org

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