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March 24, 2017                                                                   Edition #2

Supervisor Novasel

El Dorado County

District V Supervisor, Sue Novasel Updates and Input Newsletter 

Spring is finally in the air... but not so fast - the forecast this weekend is for more snow! We have had roofs collapse under the weight of all this snow so please check your homes - lots of the white stuff of a roof can be a real danger-  so consider hiring someone to get it off, especially if you see cracks in ceilings or the doors start to buckle. 

This week, our Board of Supervisors gave conceptual approval to creating a new Traction Ordinance. The new ordinance will provide our neighborhood streets in the Tahoe Basin a safer passage as well as better emergency access for providers such as fire, ambulance and snow removal equipment during severe storm conditions. Due to new technology, our once-quiet neighborhood streets have become clogged by autos and other vehicles that attempt to use those streets as short cuts around traffic and chain controls. The new ordinance must now be drafted and reviewed before it is brought back to the Board of Supervisors for approval - stay tuned for more information."

Rubicon putting on chains

Emergency funds for Roads Approved

The Board of Supervisors also approved an emergency cash-flow program in order to address some of the $21 million in damages that have occurred this winter in El Dorado County. Besides work on pot holes, emergency projects include work on Bucks Bar, Green Valley Road, Mt. Aukum Road, Newtown Road and Airport Road on the West Slope. Lake Tahoe Boulevard in South Lake Tahoe will also need work due to flooding on and around the area of Sawmill Pond. A special "thank you!" goes to our D.O.T. crews for reopening Elks Club Drive after a culvert collapsed during heavy flooding. Everyone hang in there - spring can't come soon enough!

TRPA moving forward with Transportation Plans

TRPA's governing board approved a work plan for the new Transportation Strategic Initiative. We are literally loving beautiful Lake Tahoe to death. The plan is to survey transportation needs throughout the Tahoe Basin so the board can make informed decisions about transportation policies, including congestion management. Heavily-used tourist attractions need a new plan of action in order to reduce congestion and allow for safe and environmentally-friendly usage.

Tahoe Traffic

Happy Spring!

And finally, I want to wish everyone a very happy and healthy spring - we all know it can't come soon enough! Your input matters to me so please fill out the survey in this newsletter. It’s important to hear your concerns. Tell me what you like (and don't like) about the County so that we can continue to move El Dorado County towards the "gold standard" in service to you.


  • Welcome Spring
  • Emergency funds for roads approved.
  • TRPA moving forward with transportation
  • 2017 Goals



For current information on road conditions countywide follow the
El Dorado County link: 

Snow Plow


In the year ahead, your El Dorado County Board of Supervisors will be focusing on strategic planning for capital improvements, investing in communities and balancing the budget, while improving roads and county services.

It’s been a busy 2017 already and there are many things I’d like to accomplish. 

My goals for 2017 are simple:

  • Maintain an environment of respectful conversation and positive change.
  • Protect Tahoe’s fair share funding.
  • Continue to strengthen Tahoe’s voice in County affairs.
  • Bring forward housing options that are affordable to our residents.
  • Reduce traffic congestion on local roads and in neighborhoods. 
  •  Improve recreation access and opportunities. 
  • Protect and expand services for our most vulnerable population, including children, families, veterans and seniors.

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