NEWS RELEASE: Earth Science Week 2022 Toolkits Available

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September 29, 2022


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Earth Science Week 2022 Toolkits Available

The WSGS has 50 complimentary toolkits to offer Wyoming classrooms

The 2022 Earth Science Week toolkits are now available for Wyoming classrooms. The 50 toolkits, provided by the American Geosciences Institute (AGI) to the Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS), are available at no cost to Wyoming educators on a first come, first served basis.

Earth Science Week is Oct. 9–15 and celebrates the theme, “Earth Science for a Sustainable World.” The 2022 event emphasizes the essential role of earth science in helping people make decisions that maintain and strengthen the planet’s ability to support thriving life, according to the AGI’s website.   

“The Wyoming State Geological Survey appreciates the AGI’s generosity in providing complimentary toolkits for teachers across the state,” says Dr. Erin Campbell, WSGS Director and Wyoming State Geologist. “These toolkits are beneficial to classrooms—they contain interesting educational material that gets students excited about the earth sciences.”

Toolkits are suitable for middle-school-age students. This year’s toolkit include the WSGS postcard depicting the geologic map of Wyoming and samples of rocks found in the state. Other items are:

  • 12-month school-year activity calendar
  • New Earth Science Week poster, including a learning activity
  • NASA materials on climate change and agriculture science
  • Geoscientists without Borders® activity sheets from SEG
  • National Park Service resource on fossils and paleontology
  • Flyer on resources from the Soil Science Society of America
  • Geologic Map Day poster on the geoscience of sustainable soil
  • NOAA community resilience education activity booklet
  • Mineral Education Coalition material on metals and sustainability
  • IRIS flyer dealing with seismology and earthquakes
  • American Geophysical Union material on science in the news
  • CLEAN material on climate, energy, and citizen science
  • AmericaView-NASA-USGS Landsat Sustainability poster
  • CUAHSI poster on the critical zone and a Secchi disk activity
  • Association for Women Geoscientists geoscience flyer
  • Forest Service material on groundwater-dependent ecosystems
  • Flyer on curricula and more from Nutrients for Life Foundation
  • Earth science material for educators from NESTA and NAGT
  • Bureau of Land Management dinosaur coloring page
  • Caves and karst education material from NCKRI
  • National Science Foundation soil science activity sheet
  • GemKids poster from Gemological Institute of America
  • Water Footprint Calculator information on water science
  • AIPG, UNAVCO, AMS, CMB-S4, Forest Service items and more

Request a toolkit by emailing Christina George at Toolkits may also be purchased from the AGI website.


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