NEWS RELEASE: Celebrate Earth Science Week with a Water Science Box

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Wyoming State Geological Survey

October 5, 2021


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 Celebrate Earth Science Week with a Water Science Box

In place of the annual Wyoming ROCKS! event celebrating Earth Science Week in October, the Wyoming State Geological Survey, University of Wyoming Geological Museum, and Science Kitchen partnered to offer Water Science Boxes to Wyoming students. The boxes contain activities focused on Wyoming geology and water since this year’s Earth Science Week theme is “Water Today and for the Future.”

There are 300 science boxes available, on a first come, first served basis. Boxes are limited to Wyoming residents at one per household. They are free with a $5 shipping fee for requests made outside Laramie. Request a box here. Families in Laramie can arrange for box pickup here.  

"This science box emphasizes the importance of water in all our lives—from Wyoming to the International Space Station," says Megan Candelaria, director of the Science Kitchen. 

Activities in the boxes are geared toward young children, with parent supervision, through middle school. The boxes help students explore aspects of Wyoming geology and water. One activity involves designing and building a device that can clean a dirty water sample using materials around your home. Another considers how groundwater moves through different kinds of rock materials. The UW Geological Museum includes a game featuring how water has played a role in forming many of Wyoming’s iconic rock formations. Each kit will come with a set of Wyoming rocks to be matched with what type of water feature formed them. Activity guides included in science boxes can also be found here.

“I’m especially excited about this year’s Earth Science Week theme because it’s an opportunity to highlight how water is responsible for many of the incredible rocks and fossils here in Wyoming,” says Dr. Laura Vietti, UW Geological Museum manager. “Through our game in the Water Science Box, we hope to provide just a small glimpse into the incredible water-rich landscapes that once covered our now mountain-desert state.”

Learn more about Earth Science Week here.


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