NEWS RELEASE: Wyoming Geological Survey Publishes Bear River State Park Information Pamphlet

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Wyoming State Geological Survey

October 16, 2019 


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Bear River State Park Pamphlets Now Available  

Bear River State Park in southwestern Wyoming sits within a landscape of mountains and narrow basins woven together by the dynamic Bear River. The park offers its visitors a view of the major events that shaped the present-day Rocky Mountains.

More of Bear River State Park’s geology is described in a new information pamphlet published by the Wyoming State Geological Survey (WSGS). It is the fifth in a series of pamphlets about the geology in Wyoming’s state parks.

“We began publishing this series in 2018, and feedback has been quite positive. Park visitors appreciate learning about the geology they see during their visit, and Wyoming residents enjoy knowing more about the geology of their home state,” says WSGS Director, Dr. Erin Campbell. “Bear River State Park is part of an interesting geologic story, and our geologists share that information through this pamphlet.”

Bear River State Park is near the town of Evanston, Wyoming. The new pamphlet includes a geologic map of the park, as well as information about the area’s hydrogeology, including the Bear River. A geologic history section describes rocks visible in the park and the sequence of nearby faulting events.

“Bear River State Park provides a unique glimpse into the multiple generations of uplift and faulting that formed the Rockies. There aren’t too many locations where you’re surrounded by such a confluence of important geologic events like you are in southwest Wyoming,” says WSGS geologist James Mauch. “Add to all this the presence of the Bear River—unusual in that its waters never reach an ocean—and this park is really in a fascinating geological setting.”

Other Wyoming state park information pamphlets published in the series are KeyholeGuernsey, Seminoe, and Curt Gowdy. Pamphlets are available at the WSGS office on the University of Wyoming campus in Laramie, at park visitor centers, and as downloads from the WSGS's website. 

Bear River State Park