PUBLIC NOTICE: Proposed Hazardous Waste Permit Renewal Former Yellowstone Cody Refinery Cody, Wyoming

Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality





The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has reviewed the Permit Renewal Application submitted by Flying J Petroleums, Inc. (FJP) for Post Closure and Corrective Action activities at the Former Yellowstone Cody Refinery and determined the Permit Application is complete and technically adequate.  Based on the Permit Application, the DEQ has completed a Draft Permit. Therefore, DEQ is giving notice and soliciting comments from the public regarding the Draft Permit for a Hazardous Waste Management Facility. FJP currently conducts activities under a permit issued on December 13, 2013, that addresses post-closure care and corrective action for the regulated unit (RU). The regulated unit consists of two former surface impoundments, a land treatment area, and a tetraethyl lead weathering area, all closed in place. A permit modification was completed in 2017 which removed the unsaturated zone monitoring program requirement from the land treatment area (located within RU), incorporated a Remedy Agreement which is administered under the DEQs Voluntary Remediation Program (VRP) for the refinery property and waste management area, and extended the thirty (30) year post-closure care period to December 5, 2048.

The Draft Permit serves to renew and update as necessary, the terms and conditions of the preceding permit and to document a Certificate of Completion issued by DEQ/VRP for the Western Area. The Former Yellowstone Cody Refinery Site, including the regulated unit, is located at Township 53 North, Range 101 West, approximately one mile north of Cody, Wyoming, bounded to the north by Park County Road 2AB and to the south by the Shoshone River.

The public comment period begins May 21, 2024, and ends July 12, 2024.  The FJP Draft Permit, Fact Sheet, Permit Renewal Application, and Administrative Record are available for inspection and copying at the DEQ office located at 510 Meadowview Drive, Lander, Wyoming and the Park County Library, at 1500 Heart Mountain Street, Cody, Wyoming.        

Any person may submit written comments on the Draft Permit, may request a notice of the final permit decision, or request a public hearing.  Written comments and requests for a hearing will be accepted by DEQ during the public comment period. Written comments or requests may be submitted through the DEQ comment portal provided at: or by mail addressed to: Suzanne Engels, Administrator, Solid and Hazardous Waste Division, DEQ, 200 West 17th St., 2nd  Floor, Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, special assistance or alternative formats will be made available upon request for individuals with disabilities. Para español, visite

For additional information regarding this notice or the draft permit, contact Stefan Tonsberg of DEQ at 307-335-6949 or