UIC Class VI Program - Permit Application Revisions

The Underground Injection Control Class VI Program is pleased to announce the revision of the Class VI permit application materials.  The application forms were revised to prepare for the upcoming release of an online permitting system.  In addition, the application allows for information to be presented at a project level with the site or well-specific information pulled into a Permit to Construct application to remove duplicative or redundant information.  

In addition to the revised application forms, the permitting process packet, process diagram, stratigraphic test well information, and informational and pre-application materials have also been updated to provide clarification on the application and permit issuance process.  The revised documents will be available by early next week at the https://deq.wyoming.gov/water-quality/groundwater/uic/class-vi/

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

Lily Barkau, P.G., Groundwater Section Manager, 307-777-7072 or lily.barkau@wyo.gov

Tyler Harris, P.G., Project Geologist, 307-777-7608 or tyler.harris@wyo.gov

Graeme Finley, P.G., Senior Project Geologist, 307-473-3478 or graeme.finley@wyo.gov