Public Notices: Jonah Energy, LLC (F024416/A0014168)

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Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

Public Notices: Friday, November 18, 2022




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The Division of Air Quality, proposes to approve the following requests:

Jonah Energy, LLC (F024416, P0035802):  

Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Air Quality PUBLIC NOTICE: In accordance with Chapter 6, Section 2(m) of the Wyoming Air Quality Standards and Regulations, notice is hereby given that the State of Wyoming, Department of Environmental Quality, Division of Air Quality, proposes to approve a request by Jonah Energy LLC (CMP100053) to modify and operate the Stud Horse Butte 67-11 Central Facility (F024416) with the addition of production and equipment associated with fifty wells, the Stud Horse Butte 8-14, 17-14, 18-14, 19-14, 20-14, 21-14, 22-14, 28-14, 29-14, 31-14, 32-14, 33-14, 35-17, 37-13, 38-13, 39-13, 40-13, 41X-13, 42-13, 43-13, 44-13, 45-14, 46-14, 47-14, 48-14, 53-14, 54-14, 55-14, 56-14, 57-14, 58-14, 59-14, 60-14, 83-14, 84-14, 85-14, 91-14, 97-13, 100-13, 100X-13, 101X-13, 111-14, 112X-14, 113-14, 114-14, 206-14, 211-14, 212-14, 213-14B and 213-14C, one reboiler overheads condenser, one TEG flash tank separator and one common smokeless combustion device to control volatile organic compound and hazardous air pollutant emissions associated with the dehydration unit, condensate tanks, active produced water tanks and pneumatic pumps, located in the SW1/4SE1/4 of Section 11, T29N, R108W, approximately fifteen (15) miles southwest of Big Sandy, in Sublette County, Wyoming. Jonah Energy LLC has met the demonstration requirements under Chapter 6, Section 2(c)(ii) for this permitting action since current emissions are less than emissions during the baseline period. VOC emissions have decreased 11.0 TPY from the baseline period and NOx emissions have decreased 6.0 TPY from the baseline period. These reductions have been added to Jonah Energy LLC’s offset bank to use for future permitting actions.

For the duration of the public comment period, the permit application, the agency’s analysis, and the public notice are available for public inspection online at, utilizing facility ID F024416 and permit number P0035802 under permits. This material may also be viewed online, at the above URL, utilizing a public computer at the Sublette County Library, Pinedale, Wyoming. Additionally, for the duration of the public comment period a copy of this public notice is available for public inspection at the Sublette County Clerk’s Office, Pinedale, Wyoming. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, special assistance or alternate formats will be made available upon request for individuals with disabilities.

Written comments may be directed to Nancy Vehr, Administrator, Division of Air Quality, Department of Environmental Quality, 200 West 17th St., Cheyenne, Wyoming 82002 or by fax (307) 635-1784. Please reference A0014168 in your comment. Comments may also be submitted electronically through the Division’s website ( Comments submitted by email will not be included in the administrative record. All comments received by 5:00 p.m., Monday, December 19, 2022 will be considered in the final determination on this application. A public hearing will be conducted only if in the opinion of the administrator sufficient interest is generated or if an aggrieved party so requests. Para español, visite




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