Class 1 Permit Modification, Post-Closure Waste Management Facility Flying J Petroleums, Inc., Former Yellowstone Cody Refinery Permit No. WYD006230189

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Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

Public Notice:

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Dear Concerned Citizen and/or Concerned Public Official:

You are receiving this letter to ensure that you are informed of statutory changes to the Post Closure Waste Management Facility Permit WYD006230189 issued Flying J Petroleums, Inc. (FJP) for the former Yellowstone Cody Refinery, located in Cody WY. FJP requested a Modification to the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ) Post-Closure Waste Management Facility Permit (dated June 14, 2017) for the Regulated Unit (RU) on August 19, 2020. The WDEQ approved the Class 1 Permit Modification request on September 29, 2020. The modifications to the Permit require two typographical corrections of liability coverage values of $5 and $10 million to $4 and $8 million. Based on 40 CFR, Chapter I., Subchapter I., Part 270., Subpart D., Appendix I., typographical corrections to the Permit are provided under Class I Permit Modification.

As per CFR (270.42(a)(iii), FJP is required to notify all persons on the facility mailing list and appropriate units of State and local government within 90 days of the approved Class 1 Permit Modification request. of the Class 1 Permit modification. As per CFR 270.42(a)(iii), the public may contact WDEQ concerning the Class 1 Permit Modification request by calling WDEQ at (307) 335-6970.

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