Notice of Permit Revision Application - Phillips and Jordan Inc. PT0821

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Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

Public Notice: Revision Application Form - Phillips & Jordan Inc. PT0821

Phillips and Jordan, Inc. of Knoxville, Tennessee has applied for a revision of its regular mining permit PT0821 approved March 7, 2019 from the Land Quality Division of the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality. The permit area for the mining of sand & gravel is located in: Section 16, Township 33 North, Range 72 West, Converse County, Wyoming. The area is located south of Inez Road approximately 10 miles northwest of Douglas, Wyoming. This area can be found on the Orpha and Douglas USGS quadrangle maps. The mining operation began June, 2013 and is estimated to continue until 2033. The land, after mining, will be returned to livestock grazing and wildlife habitat. This revision increases the mining area 48.4 acres within the existing approved permit area. Information regarding this application may be reviewed in the Office of the Land Quality Division, Department of Environmental Quality in Cheyenne and the Converse County Clerk's Office, Douglas, Wyoming. A complete index sheet identifying all proposed changes is located in the permit document included with the revision application available for public viewing. Written objections to the proposed permit revision must be received by the Administrator of the Land Quality Division, Department of Environmental Quality, 200 W. 17th Street, Suite 10, Cheyenne, WY 82002, before the close of business June 12, 2020. Only the revision is open for public review. If an objection specifically requests a public hearing before the Environmental Quality Council, a public hearing shall be held within twenty (20) days after the final date for filing objections unless a different period is stipulated to by the parties. The Environmental Quality Council or Director shall publish notice of the time, date and location of the hearing in a newspaper of general circulation in the locality of the proposed operation once a week for two (2) consecutive weeks immediately prior to the hearing. The hearing would be conducted as a contested case in accordance with the Wyoming Administrative Procedure Act (W.S. §16-3-101 through §16-3-115), and the right of judicial review shall be afforded as provided in that act. The Wyoming Oil and Gas Commission will be mailed a copy of the application mine plan map as required in W.S. §35-11-406(j).