Public Notice - Town of Upton – DWSRF and CWSRF – Review and comment on future projects

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Public Notice: Town of Upton – DWSRF and CWSRF – Review and comment on future projects


The TOWN OF UPTON, WYOMING will conduct a public meeting at 1:00 P.M., local time, on March 6th, 2020, in the City Council chambers at 725 2nd Street, Upton, Wyoming.  The purpose of the meeting is to allow citizens to review and comment on the future projects listed below.

At the meeting, the Town of Upton will present the preliminary concept design of the proposed projects and will discuss the estimated cost of the improvements and the plan for funding the improvements.  A preliminary plan of improvements, cost estimates, and the funding plan can also be reviewed at the Upton City Clerk’s office at 725 2nd Street, Upton, Wyoming.  Contact Kelley Millar at 307-468-2441.

The town wishes to establish a funding capability associated with USDA-RUS and Wyoming SRF funds, and as such has identified ten projects that have been through the USDA-RUS Preliminary Engineering Report process, making each eligible for funding as the town becomes capable of meeting the remaining funding obligations.  Each project involves replacement of the existing infrastructure with new components, with minor adjustments and improvements to bring the system up to current standards.  Specific funding requests to the Agencies have not been determined for each of the projects, but will be prepared based on the various funding sources available, and what is in the town’s best interest at the time any one of the projects is considered for funding and construction.  The town will assess user rates/fees/assessments as a part of their consideration for each project.  Following is the list of projects and their estimate costs.

Project ID                                                    Description             Estimated Cost

1 – Colorado / City Park                         Sewer                         $      434,396

2 – East Highway 16                              Water & Sewer           $   1,915,513

3 – First Street                                       Water & Sewer            $   2,547,247

4 – Sixth / Birch                                     Water & Sewer            $   1,710,435

5 – Sixth / Cedar                                    Water & Sewer           $   2,106,236

6 – Water Storage Transmission            Water                         $      414,340

7 – Well #4 Connecting Loop                 Water                         $   1,087,124

8 – Whitetail / Redwood                         Water & Sewer           $      947,869

9 – Willow / Fifth                                     Water & Sewer           $   1,602,968

10 – Wyoming / Montana                        Water & Sewer           $   2,468.258

 Written comments are also welcome.  Send written comments to Kelley Millar (Upton City Clerk) at P.O. Box 203, Upton, Wyoming by 11:00 A.M. on March 6th, 2020.

Publish Date:     February 20th, 2020.