FINDING OF NO SIGNIFICANT IMPACT - Hillslide Stabilization Project

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Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality


As required by guidelines for the Wyoming State Environmental Review Process, the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) has performed an environmental review on the proposed State Revolving Fund (SRF) supported action below:

Project: Hillslide Stabilization Project

Location: Sheridan County, Wyoming

Total Cost/SRF share: $9,000,000/$2,500,000

The proposed Hillslide Stabilization Project description:

The City has contracted with the team of Hayward Baker, Trihydro Corporation, and Engineering Analytics to develop a solution that will reclaim and eliminate further slope failures in four locations within the City. These locations are in the areas of South Park, Kendrick Park, the Sheridan Junior High School, and Ridgway Avenue.

Contractor selection for the Kendrick Park and Sheridan Junior High School slide area, which are contiguous, is planned to be complete by April. A series of walls are planned along the hillside that extends from Lewis Street to Kendrick Park. These walls will be tied back into the hillside with numerous drains installed. These walls will vary in height from 10’ to 20’ tall and will be faced with a troweled concrete finish. An access path will be constructed along the bottom of the lower wall to be used for maintenance of the underdrain systems and will connect Kendrick Park with Lewis street. The path will be lighted and will provide a walkway. This work is planned to be completed between June and October of 2019.

A retaining wall will be constructed in an area between Ridgeway Avenue and Goose Creek, North of 8th Street. This slope failure has uprooted trees and resulted in a vertical wall that is greater than 10’. This failure is immediately behind residences in the area. Regrading the failure area and installing a wall will be completed during the fall of 2019.

Installations of stacked gabion baskets is planned to address the slope failure in the South Park area along the bank of Little Goose Creek. Gabion baskets are providing slope stability to other areas along Little Goose Creek near this location. The installation of these baskets is planned to be completed during the fall of 2019.

To fund this project, the City intends to use funds from the Wyoming Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) and the Federal Mineral Royalty Grant (MRG), and the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). The total cost of the improvements is estimated to be $9,000,000.

Of this total project cost, the City plans to obtain 44.1% of the project cost ($3,750,000) from a grant from USDA, 14.7% of the estimated project cost ($1,250,000) from a principal forgiveness loan from the CWSRF, 14.7% of the estimated project cost ($1,250,000) from a 2.5% interest rate, 20-year loan from the CWSRF, 3.9% of the estimated project cost ($335,000) from a grant from MRG, and 22.6% of the project cost will come from existing revenues from the Capital Facilities Tax, Optional One Cent Fund and SCSD#2 and in addition will help repay the loan.

No significant adverse environmental impacts will occur due to this project. The proposed project will not adversely affect wetlands, prime agricultural lands, threatened or endangered species habitat, historical sites, or sites with environmentally sensitive characteristics. The primary impacts of the project will be short-term and construction related. The ACOE replied that the activities in Big Goose Creek are covered by the Nationwide Permit 13 for bank stabilization activities or by Nationwide Permit 37 for Emergency Watershed Protection and Rehabilitation. The City of Sheridan has reviewed these general conditions and will concur will all the regulations. It is specifically stated in the contract documents that “The Contractor shall not degrade the quality of water in any watercourse by runoff of sediment or by the introduction of foreign materials used on the project and shall abide by all regulations of the State and Federal Water quality controls act”. They City of Sheridan will submit a pre-construction notification to the ACOE for approval. All agencies concur with the proposed design as having a Finding Of No Significant Impact.

The review process did not indicate significant environmental impacts would result from the proposed action. Consequently, DEQ has made a preliminary decision not to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). DEQ has taken this action on the basis of a review of the environmental assessment document and other supporting data, which are on file at the DEQ Cheyenne Office. The public may review these documents upon request.

Comments supporting or disagreeing with this decision may be submitted for DEQ consideration. Address all questions and comments to Stan Miller, SRF Project Engineer, Department of Environmental Quality, 200 W. l7th St. Suite 200, Cheyenne, WY 82002, Tel. (307) 777-637l, FAX (307) 635-l784, email: After evaluating comments received, DEQ will make a final decision; however, DEQ will take no administrative action for at least 30 days after publication of this Finding of No Significant Impact.

Publish Date: March 8, 2019 and March 18, 2019.