Town Hall Meeting: Gillette-Madison Wellfield

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Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

Town Hall Meeting: Gillette-Madison Wellfield

Town Hall Meeting 

City of Gillette-Madison Wellfield: 

Proposed Surface Discharge Plan 

Moorcroft Town Center, 

101 South Belle Fourche 

Moorcroft, Wyoming 

6 – 8 PM, Monday September 17, 2018

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (WDEQ), Water Quality Division (WQD) received an application (Notice of Intent) on August 23, 2018 from the City of Gillette (City) for authorization to drain and discharge treated (i.e. chlorinated) water within two 14-inch pipelines connecting two of the City’s Madison drinking water wells (M11 and M12) near Carlile, Wyoming to the City’s water transmission line, and a portion of a 30-inch transmission line onto the surface.

Details on the proposed discharge, as well as a map illustrating the path the proposed discharge would take upon exiting the pipelines are contained within the Notice of Intent. Copies of the City’s Notice of Intent and WQD’s “General Permit for Temporary Discharge Involving Construction Activities (Construction Dewatering of Non-Contaminated Groundwater; Disinfection of Potable Water Lines; and/or Hydrostatic Testing of Pipes, Tanks or Other Similar Vessels) Permit Number WYG740000 are available on WQD’s website at

WDEQ will hold a Town Hall meeting to be available to answer questions relating to the City’s proposed plan, and to obtain information that attendees would like WDEQ to take into consideration in its decision regarding authorization of the City’s proposed surface discharge plan. Members of the public are invited to attend.

For questions, or further information please contact Nicole Twing, Project Manager, WDEQ/WQD at 307-777-8275 (