Draft Permit – UIC Class I – #17-475 Goodnight Midstream

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Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

Draft Permit – UIC Class I – #17-475 Goodnight Midstream

The UIC Program is proposing to issue permit #17-475 for Goodnight Midstream, Non-Hazardous Class I injection wells, Iberlin #1 WDW and Iberlin #2 WDW.  Draft permit #17-475 is a new permit that proposes to authorize commercial injection of non-hazardous wastes, including produced water and drilling fluids, into the Teckla Member of the Lewis Shale and the Teapot and Parkman Members of the Mesaverde Formation (together known as the TTP).  Groundwater within the injection formation is proposed to be classified as Class VI Groundwater of the State (unusable or unsuitable for use), according to Wyoming Water Quality Rules and Regulations, Chapter 8.  This classification is proposed because total dissolved concentrations are likely to exceed 10,000 mg/L and/or the depth of this formation is such that production of water from this formation is not economically or technically practical (WQRR Chapter 8, Section 4(d)(ix)(C).  However, groundwater samples will be obtained from each formation to verify the water quality.  The permit applicant is Mr. Grant Adams, 5910 North Central Expressway, Suite 850, Dallas, TX 75206.  The injection wells are located in Sections 4 and 9, Township 42 North, Range 74 West, of the Sixth Principal Meridian, Campbell County, WY.  The public is invited to comment on this draft permit until July 15, 2018.

This notice has also been published in the Gillette News-Record on June 15, 2018.  

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