Draft Permit – UIC Class I #16-145 – Lost Creek ISR, LLC

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Draft Permit – UIC Class I #16-145 – Lost Creek ISR, LLC

Draft Permit – UIC #16-145

The UIC Program is proposing to issue permit #16-145 for Lost Creek ISR, LLC, Non-Hazardous, Industrial In-situ Recovery (ISR) Class I injection wells, DW No. 1, DW No. 2, DW No. 3, DW No. 4, and DW No. 5.  Draft permit #16-145 is a permit modification that proposes to authorize injection of non-hazardous waste water, associated with ISR operations at the Lost Creek ISR, LLC mine in Sweetwater County, into the Lower Battle Spring Formation for existing injection wells DW No. 1, DW No. 3, and DW No. 4.  The permit modification also includes permit renewal for proposed injection wells DW No. 2 and DW No. 5.  Groundwater within the injection formation is proposed to be classified as Class VI Groundwater of the State (unusable or unsuitable for use), according to Wyoming Water Quality Rules and Regulations, Chapter 8.  This classification is proposed because the depth of this formation is such that production of water from this formation is not economically or technically practical (WQRR Chapter 8, Section 4(d)(ix)(C)).  The permit applicant is Mr. John Cash, Lost Creek ISR, LLC, 5880 Enterprise Drive, #200, Casper, WY 82609.  The injection wells are located in Sections 13 and 25, Township 25 North, Range 93 West and Sections 17, 18, and 19, Township 25, Range 92 West of the Sixth Principal Meridian, Sweetwater County, WY.  The public is invited to comment on this draft permit until January 8, 2018.

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