CATEGORICAL EXCLUSION DETERMINATION – Sheridan Area Water Supply Joint Powers Board’s Control Valve Upgrades

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Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality


Sheridan Area Water Supply Joint Powers Board’s

Control Valve Upgrades

Sheridan County, WY.

The Department of Environmental Quality/Water Quality Division (DEQ) has conducted a review of the proposed Sheridan Area Water Supply Joint Power Board’s (SAWSJPB) Control Valve Upgrades Project (Project) in accordance with EPA and State of Wyoming procedures for implementing the State Environmental Review Process.  DEQ has determined that the Project is eligible for a categorical exclusion since most of all proposed work is to be accomplished entirely inside existing structures.  Accordingly, DEQ is exempting the project from further substantive environmental review requirements under the State Environmental Review Process.

The following is a brief description of the situation and the proposed action, and a brief statement of how the action meets the criteria for a categorical exclusion; therefore, a full Environmental Assessment and Finding of No Significant Impact will not be required for the proposed action.

The Project involves upgrading 17 older pressure reducing valve (PRV) stations, 8 pressure relief valve stations and one altitude valve in the SAWSJPB regional water system.  Upgrading the housing of one of the PRV stations.  SCADA will be added to some of the PRV stations.

None of the PRV station sites is located with the designated 100-year flood plain.

There are no wetlands that will be affected by the Project.

The cost for the Project is estimated at $837,000.   Funding in the amount of $837,000.00 has been secured from the State’s Drinking Water State Revolving Fund program as follows:

SRF 20-year loan at 2.5% interest, $837,000.00.  Annual payment = $56,691.15

Monies necessary to repay the annual loan amounts listed above are anticipated to come from user fees, plant investment fees and reserves.  Assuming that:

1. user fees would be the sole source of monies to repay the annual loan payments, and

2. SAWSJPB currently has approximately 1846 accounts.

3. Additional monthly amounts required from SAWSJPB customers would be  $2.56

On July 12, 2017, the SAWSJPB increased its user fees by 2.25%, and it plans for similar rate increases in the upcoming years.  These approved and anticipated future user fee increases will provide the necessary funds for loan repayments associated with the Project.  

Representatives of the SAWSJPB have inspected and are familiar with the Project area. They found no evidence and have no knowledge that the Project area contains endangered/threatened species, suitable habitat for endangered/threatened species, migratory birds, eagles, jurisdictional waters of the United States or prime agricultural lands.  The SAWSJPB is aware of and accept the fact that they will be responsible for any required mitigative actions associated with and including storm water runoff, erosion control, archeological/ historic artifacts, and air quality concerns.  These will become part of the standard State Revolving Funds Program contract conditions. 

DEQ is granting an exclusion because the Project will be completely constructed in previously disturbed ground, specifically within the existing booster station structures.  DEQ has determined that exempting the proposed project from further review under the State Environmental Review Process will not result in adverse impacts to the population or the area of Sheridan County, Wyoming. 

The documentation to support this decision will be on file in the DEQ Cheyenne office and is available for public scrutiny upon request.  Comments concerning this decision may be addressed to Richard Cripe, State Revolving Funds Program, Water Quality Division, Department of Environmental Quality, 200 West 17th Street, Cheyenne, WY 82002, telephone (307) 777-7075, FAX (307) 635-1784, e-mail

Publish Date:  August 10, 2017