Revised Guideline 12A and Revised Surety Bond Forms Available on LQD Website

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Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

Revised Guideline 12A and Surety Bond Forms

Please be advised the LQD has published several new documents on the LQD Webpage. 

First, the LQD has published a revised Guideline 12A.  Guideline 12A is used to calculate reclamation bond estimates for small scale noncoal mining operations.  The following link may be used to access the revised document:

Second, the LQD has published revised Reclamation Surety Bond Forms for Coal and Noncoal Operations.  The revised coal documents include:  Surety Bond Form, Increase/Decrease Rider and General Purpose Rider.  Noncoal documents include: Surety Bond Form, Increase/Decrease Rider, General Purpose Rider and State/BLM Surety Bond Form.  The revised forms include directions and Certificate of Incumbency (used to designate signatories).  These forms should be used to make revisions to bond amounts or submit a bond for new operation.  The documents may be downloaded at: and  Additional documents may be posted in the coming weeks as revisions are made to other bonding documents.  If you have any questions about the revised documents please do not hesitate to contact me at or (307) 777-7066.