Water Quality Division Website and Listserv

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Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality

Water Quality Division Website and Listserv

The Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality, Water Quality Division (WQD) is inviting visitors to explore our new website and listserv email service. The website, located at http://deq.wyoming.gov/wqd/, includes a user-friendly WQD events calendar page and a WQD public notice page.


As part of the new website, WQD has updated and expanded our email listserv options.  The expansion means that the public now has a variety of options for monitoring developments across WQD’s various program activities.  We encourage interested parties to visit the “Public Notice” section of our new website to review the new listserv options and subscribe to each topic of interest. Once subscribed, interested parties will receive email notification of program specific events, public notices, and public comment opportunities.


After signing up for one of the listserv options, subscribers will receive an email asking for selection confirmation.  This ensures that the system is using genuine email addresses.  Subscribers must follow the instructions in the confirmation email, otherwise the email address will not be added to the listserv list.  In addition, WQD encourages subscribers to modify their spam filters to allow govdelivery.com emails.  If you have questions regarding the listserv subscription process, please call Gina Thompson at (307) 777-7343.


We appreciate your cooperation as we transition to our new listserv service.