WDE Data and Technology Newsletter - August 13, 2021

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August 13, 2021 |  General News

IMPORTANT: WDE638 Course Reporting Update


Appropriate course descriptions are required for ALL courses regardless of the presence of a SCED Based StateCourseID. “College Course” is permitted as a response for Postsecondary Dual enrollment courses with a WDE684 Instruction Level of ‘HS' ONLY. All other courses should have a meaningful description that offers greater detail than ‘6th grade math,’ for example.  

StateCourseId’s can be either SCED Based or College ID-based.  These ID’s are entered in the current SCEDCode field, and in the StateCourseID (formerly SCEDCode) field after Sep 1, 2021.

StateCourseID’s that are SCED based will follow the same SCED code format submitted in prior years. Appendix A in the WDE638 Guidebook explains all elements of a SCED Code and how to create your 12 digit SCED based StateCourseID. 

State CourseID’s that are Wyoming College Course ID-based should follow the format laid out in the guidebook. If your college ID is in a different format, please let us know.

BEGINNING Sep 1, 2021

The SCEDCode field will be renamed to StateCourseID in files submitted for reporting. Please be sure that your WDE638 file still shows SCEDCode and not StateCourseID on ANY submission made prior to September 1. 

Confidential School Performance Report Review August 12 - 25

Confidential school performance reports will be available on the Accountability Confidential website on Thursday, August 12.  To find the reports go to edu.wyoming.gov/data/ and click on the District Data Reports link under the Data Reports header. Login to the secure site using your WyEd credentials and navigate to the Accountability Confidential tab.  Reports are named:

2017-18 to Present School Performance Report (for Alternative Schools)

2017-18 to Present School Performance Report (for Elementary and Middle School Grades)

2017-18 to Present School Performance Report (for High School Grades)

Users with the following roles will be able to access the reports: Superintendent, Principal, Assistant Principal, Assessment Coordinator, Accountability Coordinator, Curriculum Coordinator, Special Education Director, and Assessment Confidential.  

This two week review window will give schools the opportunity to identify any potential errors in accountability calculations. To ask questions about your school performance report fill out this google form.

The Wyoming Department of Education will NOT be releasing public school performance reports for the 2020-21 school year due to the COVID pandemic.

Student Information System User Conference

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The Student Information System (SIS) User Conference will be held virtually September 22 and 23. Agenda to be announced later.

Roll Over your District SIS and SIF Agent

The WDE has rolled over it's SIF operational data store to 2021-22. We are adding your district back into our nightly data pulls as soon as we begin to recognize you are sending 2021-22 calendars, which is an indication that your SIS has rolled over. Once this takes place you should be in sync with the WDE to receive Wiser Ids and exchange data for the coming year. Many validations will not be active until your school year actually begins. If you have any concerns you can also inform us when you have completed the rollover of your SIS and have restarted your SIF agent. You will not be able to retrieve WISER IDs for incoming kindergarten students until this has been done.

For assistance contact Elizabeth Foster at elizabeth.foster@wyo.gov



  • August 12 - 25:  Confidential School Performance Report Review Window
  • August 24:  State Assessment Public Release
  • September 1:  School Performance Report Release - CANCELLED, No Public 2020-21 Reports
  • September 22 and 23:  Virtual SIS User Conference
  • October 5 and 6:  Technology Director's Conference at the Ramkota in Casper