WDE Data and Technology Newsletter - March 31, 2021

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March 31, 2021 |  General News

Alternative School Spring Climate Survey Window

The Spring Climate Survey for alternative schools will be three weeks long to accommodate schools that scheduled spring break during the regular two-week window.  The survey window will be April 5 - 23.

Our climate survey vendor, Panorama, will send out information on how to access the site to district survey coordinators on April 2. Survey results will be released to school districts in the Panorama portal on May 17.

For more information, contact Sean McInerney at sean.mcinerney@wyo.gov.

State Approved Course Coding Project Update

The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) completed its course review meetings with all 48 school districts. The department thanks everyone involved in the project, and are very appreciative of the time you spent not only cleaning up your course information but for the collaboration and information, you shared with us.

Over the next three weeks, WDE statistician Vince Meyer will take the information he's gathered during our meetings and use it to create a Wyoming course ID list.  The new State Course Id will replace the SCED Code field previously reported in the WDE638. Once the state course list has been created we will run it by the Wyoming Department of Education program staff and then release it to districts. At that time we will ask you to align your 2021-22 grade 9-12 courses to the new course list and then let us know if there are any courses without a match. The department plans to have a final course list distributed to districts by late spring. District local course IDs and local course names will still remain under your purview.

For more information, contact Susan William at 307-777-6252 or susan.williams@wyo.gov.

2021-22 Changes to the WDE638 and WDE684

The WDE has made some changes to the WDE638 and WDE684 data collections for the 2021-22 school year. These changes were reviewed with both the PowerSchool and Infinite Campus vendors several months ago and both student information system vendors have plans to make the appropriate updates for next school year.

Changes to the WDE638 include:

1. SCED Code field will be replaced by the State Course ID.

2. We are adding the Instruction Level Field element (same as in reported in the WDE684).

3. Content Area - Will only be provided if a middle/elementary SCED code is not provided.  We will be added a new content area code for Computer Science.

4. The Number of Credits will be required for all courses.

5. The element HathawayIndicator will now be called Hathaway.

6. Course descriptions will be a required field for all courses regardless of grade level.

7. The SchoolYear field has been removed from the collection.

8. A new element called CTE has been added.  It is a 'yes' or 'no' field denoting whether a course is being submitted as a CTE course and should be given consideration for state reimbursement and/or Perkins V funding.

9. The virtual education file will be removed from the WDE638 on September 1, 2021. Subsequent submissions of the file will be through DCS. 

Change to the WDE684:

1) Removed AP and IB as options in the Instructional Level field.

All changes will be made effective July 1, 2021 except the virtual education file will still be part of the WDE638 through August 31, 2021. The virtual education course approval process will be performed using the SRM collection this July, and all corrections must be made no later than August 31.  On September 1, the virtual education file will be removed from the WDE638.  In July of 2022 the virtual education file will be reported as a stand alone collection in the Data Collection Suite (DCS).

Below are the new WDE638 and WDE684 file layout.  Changes have been highlighted in yellow.

WDE638 Data File 2021-22

WDE684 Data File 2021-22

WINDS/WDE684 Comparison Report

The WDE has made three reports available to help districts compare their certified Spring 684 collection to their data in the  WINDS system. 

  1. SRM to WINDS Daily Comparison
  2. WINDS Daily to WINDS 3/1 Snapshot
  3. SRM to WINDS 3/1 Snapshot
Districts are encouraged to use the reports to identify gaps in the reporting of Students and Section Enrollments between the SRM and WINDS. The reports show how many of each kind of record are in one system only (e.g. SRM), both systems (e.g. Both), or the other system only e.g. WINDS 3/30).




Districts should start by using report 1 to identify which student records reported in the most recent SRM certified trial could not be matched to a similar record in WINDS. In the example above, there are 260 such records. Clicking on the number 260 will navigate to a drill down report that identifies the individual SRM Student records that were not matched to a WINDS record. 
A nonzero number means that these records are currently extraneous to the SIF reporting that is updating WINDS, and in the advent of WINDS-only reporting they would not have been reported. It is essential for each district to determine whether the omission of these records is significant, and to work with the WDE to get them covered by the WINDS process.



  • April 5-23:  Spring Climate Survey for Alternative Schools
  • May 7:  Spring Climate Survey Exemptions Due
  • May 17:  Spring Climate Survey Results Released in the Panorama Dashboard
  • October 5-6:  Technology Director's Conference at the Ramkota in Casper