CTE Newsletter - Spring 2021

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Spring 2021


CTE Team Changes

The CTE Team said goodbye to Randall Butt recently. Many of you worked with Randall over the last several years. Randall retired effective February 5. We appreciate his dedication to Perkins and his help in transitioning from Perkins IV to Perkins V. We wish Randall and his wife, Pam, well as they enjoy this next part of the journey we call life.

Jeannie Coulson, who had previously handled the districts and community colleges M-Z will now handle all Perkins requests until Randall’s position is approved to be filled.

Data Season Has Begun

The CTE Team has met with 45 of the 48 districts to set local performance indicator (LPI) targets. Districts are in the process of confirming new baseline LPI’s. As soon as the LPI targets are confirmed, districts can begin certifying their schools and student data can begin being entered for the 2020-21 school year. The deadline for schools to be certified is March 15. The deadline for student data to be entered is June 15. For more information, or for specific questions, reach out to any CTE member at the WDE.

Professional Development and Externships

With spring break and summer approaching, make sure to start planning for your externship. If you plan to do more than 40 hours of externship and receive the $35 per hour stipend, you will need to get your paperwork going so that Ilaine Brown can create a contract in advance. Dream big as you plan to do your externship, and explore a skill that may be new to you, delve deeper into an interest or passion you have, or experience an employer that employs many of your program’s students and/or alumni.

Seventy-five hours of externship will earn a minimum $2,625, 75 professional development points, and up to five CEU’s through PTSB. Remember you only need to earn 75 professional development points every five years, which is just 15 per year!

Professional Development Grants

Professional Development Grants will open for 2021-22 on May 1, 2021 and close August 1. This is a result of your request that these are available earlier in the summer, so that funding is in place for early fall professional development opportunities.

Upcoming Professional Development Opportunities

  • Career Development Facilitator Course April 19-June 28 20; professional development points offered.
  • WACTE Pre-conferences; varying professional development points to be offered.
  • WACTE Conference June 16-18; 15 professional development points offered.
  • Tech Ed Tuesdays starting June 1-August 17; one professional development point offered each week. Topics will vary each week from externships to special populations.