WDE Data and Technology Newsletter - November 18, 2020

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November 18, 2020 |  General News

Alternative School Climate Survey Window Extended

Due to an increased number of COVID cases in Wyoming, the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) has extended the climate survey another week. The window will now close on Friday, November 20, 2020.For more information, contact Sean McInerney at sean.mcinerney@wyo.gov.

State Approved Course Coding Project Update

The WDE has met with 25 of the 48 districts to review district courses reported in the WDE638. At conclusion of these meeting, districts are being asked to review their grade nine through twelve courses and complete the following tasks:
  • Ensure your district is using the appropriate five digit SCED course code to describe its courses.
  • Eliminate the use of ambiguous SCED course codes, like those ending in "other."
  • Help the state to identify areas where SCED course codes don't meet the districts needs to assist with the creation of Wyoming specific course codes.
  • Identify areas where the district would like to use the same SCED identifier for more than one district course. For example, Photography 1, 2 and 3. While districts are able to update most SCED codes in their student information systems during the review window, if you are receiving CTE funding we ask that you not update your CTE course SCED codes until after the 2020-21 school year.  In order to ensure you receive appropriate funding our systems must be able to identify course progression and the only way to do that with the current system is to have different SCED codes to denote CTE course progression.
  • Provide course descriptions for all grade nine through 12 courses. During the 2020-21 school year course descriptions will be required for all high school level courses. 

SCHEDULE YOUR DISTRICTS REVIEW TODAY.  Available date ranges are the week of December 21 through February 1.

For more information contact Susan William at 307-777-6252 or susan.williams@wyo.gov.

WINDS WDE684 Validations

The WDE wants to continue to work with districts to understand any mismatches that are occurring between the Fall 684 collection and the objects currently being collected daily from the SIF agent. The main tool for this is the 'SIF Objects to SRM CSV Comparison' report. This is the same report that was presented at the SIS User Conference in October. It can be found in the reporting portal under the '684' tab (one and two in the below image). The data in the report has recently undergone a revision and is currently up to date. It will continue to be updated as the comparison is refined.  The date of last update is indicated near the  bottom of the report (three in the image below). Districts are welcome to bring any questions and concerns to the Thursday afternoon working sessions that the WDE has scheduled.

Comparison Report Between WDE684 and WINDS Data



  • November 2-20:  Alternative School Fall Climate Survey Window
  • November 30:  Climate Survey Exemption Forms Due.
  • November 30 - December 11:  Confidential Graduation Data Review
  • December 14 - School Enrollment Data Publicly Released