Assessment Newsletter (Volume 8, Issue 4)

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08-28-20  |  WDE Assessment Updates  |  Volume 8, Issue 04


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New This Year - Scores Available for ELA Without Writing

For students who take the WY-TOPP ELA Interim in grades 3, 5, 7, and 9, a score can now be provided for ELA without the writing portion being completed. For ELA tests submitted without the writing portion, ELA scores will be provided in Centralized Reporting after the testing window closes, October 23. No score will be provided for those who only complete the Writing test. Note: If schools choose to use the off-grade interims, it is important to be aware no score will be available until after the window closes for those who do not complete the Writing test. This may impact a school’s decision in using this off-grade interim assessment for supporting instructional decisions.

For students who complete the ELA test with Writing, for both regular on-grade and new off-grade interims, the combined ELA score will be available in Centralized Reporting upon completion or soon thereafter. Note: Scores may take up to two weeks to post in Centralized Reporting after both components are submitted.

For more information, contact Tahnee Hutchinson, WDE Assessment Consultant, at 307-777-5296 or


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Available Until August 31st

Educators have the opportunity to participate in three self-paced, on-demand eWorkshops developed by WIDA. These workshops may be valuable for K-12 classroom teachers, ESL specialists, and district and school administrators. 

These eWorkshops cover a range of topics, including:

  • Classroom Educators: Engaging Newcomer Multilingual Learners.
  • Foundational Concepts. 
  • WIDA Writing Rubric.

The eWorkshops are available in the eLearning Center in the WIDA Secure Portal. If you don’t have a WIDA Secure Portal account, contact your District EL Coordinator or Antoinette Hallam, WDE EL Consultant, at 307-777-5217 or

See the linked flyer for full descriptions.


National Testing Locations

Due to community health precautions, there may be ACT testing facility closures for the safety of students. For those who must travel for ACT National Testing dates, the following links will provide the most timely information about testing site availability.


  • September 1-October 23: WY-TOPP Fall Interim (off grade and on-grade).
  • September 1-June 18: WY-TOPP Modulars.
  • September 15: WIDA Welcome Back: What’s New This Year? Webinar.
  • September 17: WIDA MODEL Overview Webinar.
  • September 22, October 6 & 20: State Fall ACT Test Dates for 2019-20 Juniors.
  • September 22: Pre-Testing: ACCESS for ELLs for New Test Administrators Webinar.
  • September 24: Pre-Testing: ACCESS for ELLs for New District Test Coordinators Webinar.
  • October 6: Pre-Testing: Software Updates & Technology Readiness Checklist Webinar - ACCESS for ELLs Assessment.
  • October 8: Pre-Testing: Technology Installations* (1.5 hours) Webinar - ACCESS for ELLs Assessment.
  • October 13: Pre-Testing: Ordering Materials in WIDA AMS Webinar - ACCESS for ELLs Assessment.
  • October 22: Pre-Testing: Test Scheduling Webinar - ACCESS for ELLs Assessment.