Assessment Newsletter (Volume 7, Issue 35)

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05-01-20  |  WDE Assessment Updates  |  Volume 7, Issue 35


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Information for District and Building Coordinators

The Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) will close for the 2019-20 school year on Friday, May 29, 2020. After May 29, student information will not be available for updates. Existing TIDE Rosters needing to be saved (for organizing assessment activities next year) must be downloaded before this scheduled downtime begins. Currently existing rosters will not be available once TIDE opens for the 2020-21 school year. For additional information on how to save existing rosters, refer to the Tide User Guide.

Note: Existing rosters will remain available in AIRWays and the Online Reporting System (ORS) but cannot be edited and new rosters cannot be created during this scheduled downtime. Any anticipated users who will need access to view scores during the summer months need to be added in TIDE before May 29, 2020.

For more information, contact the Wyoming Help Desk at 888-897-8024 or


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Change in Release Date:

Online Score Reports Available on May 13, 2020 

Printed Score Reports Available on May 22, 2020

When ACCESS for ELLs Score Reports are received, visit the ACCESS for ELLs Scores and Reports page on the WIDA website for resources that explain score reports.

Learn more about scale scores and proficiency-level scores for:

  • Establishing when multilingual learners have attained English language proficiency           according to state criteria.
  • Making decisions about program entry and exit.
  • Monitoring student progress by comparing current scores to previous scores.
  • Informing instruction and assessment, including:
    • Domains on which teachers should focus.
    • WIDA ELD Standards and students’ current proficiency levels.
    • Teachers using scaffolding to the next level up.


  • September 10-June 12: WY-TOPP Modulars - SUSPENDED on 4/7/20
  • April - May: WIDA PD Events - CANCELED
  • April 20-June 5: WorkKeys - (extended into early June)
  • April 14-May 8: WY-TOPP Summative Assessments and Spring Interims - CANCELED on 3/20/20 for Summatives and on 4/7/20 for K-2 Interims
  • June 2: State ACT Test Date
  • June 13: ACT National Test Date (state option with voucher)
  • July 18: ACT National Test Date (state option with voucher
  • October 6 & 22: State Fall ACT Test Dates for 2019-20 juniors