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February 18, 2020 |  General News

Data Automation Project Update

The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) Information Management Division (IMD), in an effort to reduce the data burden on school districts, has been working on several data automation projects. These projects are designed to alleviate the time districts spend on data collection reporting, error resolution, and streamline the work of the agency. The WDE has named the new data collection system Wyoming Interoperable Data System (WINDS). Below are a list of the current projects with a brief update:

WDE600 WISE Attendance and Membership Collection – IMD worked with PowerSchool and Infinite Campus to provide a Full Time Equivalency (FTE) value for every student enrollment record. The WDE is planning to release a confidential district report comparing each student’s days in membership value as calculated directly from FTE with the summary value currently used to submit on the WDE600. The WDE seeks volunteer districts to help us review their data with them over the summer and plan to officially collect the data through WINDS in the 2020-21 school year. All districts will be able to compare data between the two methods and provide feedback. Developers are currently creating a certification process for district submission as well as data validations. The IMD is also working with virtual education programs to accurately capture their student FTE.

WDE684 WISE Teacher/Course/Student Fall Data and the WDE638 WISE Course Inventory for Current School Year – The WDE had an initial meeting with both SIS vendors and are working to create a formalized request to automate the WDE684 and WDE638 data collections with existing Schools Interoperability Framework (SIF) connections. The WDE plans to pilot the project by collecting through both WINDS and the SRM in the 2020-21 school year, switching over to WINDS for the official collection in 2021-22. The WDE is currently seeking volunteer districts to help the WDE review data during the 2020-21 school year. All districts will be able to compare data between the two methods throughout the year and provide feedback. The WDE has also worked with Educational Advantages to create an application program interface (API) to automate the submission of the WDE684 special education file for all districts using SPED Advantage software. 

Software Unlimited Inc (SUI) – IMD recently met with SUI, a school accounting software company that serves many districts, to discuss creating a WDE602/WDE652 report within their application that will export staff information in the proper .csv file format. The WDE will provide SUI expected experience files so staff FTE can be accrued from the prior year. SUI will in turn combine the experience with information from the district’s accounting software to create a file export tool. Files can be downloaded from the SUI application and loaded into the State Report Manager (SRM) data collection.

The WDE's IMD will continue to engage with district partners to explore other data burden reduction options.

For questions about the data automation project, contact Susan Williams, susan.williams@wyo.gov.

Technology Director's Conference

The WDE will host the 2020 WY School District Technology Directors Conference March 17-18 at the Ramkota Conference Center in Casper.

A broad range of Educational Technology topics will be covered, including: Cybersecurity, Virtual/Augmented Reality, data privacy, infrastructure, devices, software and application, and best practices. 

The WDE, Wyoming’s Enterprise Technology Services, and the Wyoming
Department of Audit will provide updates and information on programs and initiatives. Technology-related vendors have also been invited to showcase new products and equipment.

There is no registration fee for attendees or vendors.

Conference information and registration links can be found at

For more information, contact Ken Reynolds at 307-777-8014 or ken.reynolds@wyo.gov.


  • March 2-16: Spring WDE684B Collection Window (CORRECTED)
  • March 17-18: Technology Director's Conference, Ramkota Casper
  • April 6-20: Spring Climate Survey Window for Alternative Schools
  • July 27-August 7: WY-TOPP, WY-ALT, ACCESS, and ACT Review Window
  • August 13-26: Student Performance Report Review Window
  • August 19: Public Assessment Data Release
  • September 1: Public School Performance Report Release
  • September 15-October 15: WDE949 & WDE950 collection window (new collection windows)