WDE Data and Technology Newsletter February 3, 2020

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February 3, 2020 |  General News

State Approved Course Coding Project

The Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) has been working on an agency-wide project to create a standardized course coding system. This project was developed to help automate the Course Approval process for Virtual Education, CTE, and Hathaway; verify College and Career Readiness indicators on student transcripts; and for the WDE and post-secondary institutions to compare courses across districts.

Members of the Information Management division started by collecting requirements from the Hathaway team, CTE, Virtual Ed, Standards, Accreditation, and Accountability. School Courses for the Exchange of Data (SCED) codes are currently being reviewed to determine which codes will be included in the initial state-approved course code list. The WDE plans to have a list of SCED codes compiled by mid-April, and will then seek the assistance of two large, medium, and small school districts to pilot the project from mid-April to mid-May. Pilot districts will update their current SCED codes with the state approved versions in their Student Information System (SIS), and will work with the WDE data team to determine any areas where districts are unable to properly define their courses. A final state approved course coding list will be released by the end of May, and districts will have until August to implement it in their Fall WDE638 and 684A collections.

Districts are encouraged to identify any dependencies their other applications may have on their current SCED code structure or any related fields in their SIS, and to make plans to address them this summer.

For questions about the state approved course code project please contact Susan Williams, susan.williams@wyo.gov.

WDE949 Review Window Opens Today

The WDE949 review window opens today. Districts have until February 14 to review the “Credits Earned – Grade 9 Non-Alternative Schools” and “Credits Earned – Grade 9, 10, and 11 Alternative
Schools” reports on the Accountability Confidential page of the District Data Reports portal. Districts will have this two week window to correct transcripts with errors or submit missing transcripts via the WDE949. Data will be used to calculate the credits earned indicator for the WAEA accountability system. For more information see memo 2020-015.

2019-20 WDE Directory Cover Page

2020 WDE Print Directory Available

The 2020 WDE Print Directory has been posted on the WDE website. The .pdf document can be found by scrolling to the bottom of the home page and selecting the WDE Print Directory link under the Contact header.



  • February 3 - 14: WDE949 Data Review Window
  • March 1 - 15: Spring WDE684B Collection Window
  • March 17-18: Technology Director's Conference, Ramkota Casper
  • April 6 - 20: Spring Climate Survey Window for Alternative Schools
  •  July 27 - August 7: WY-TOPP, WY-ALT, ACCESS, and ACT Review Window
  • August 13 - 26: Student Performance Report Review Window
  • August 19: Public Assessment Data Release
  • September 1: Public School Performance Report Release
  • September 15-October 15: WDE949 & WDE950 collection window (new collection windows)