Assessment Newsletter (Volume 7, Issue 17)

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12-20-19  |  WDE Assessment Updates  |  Volume 7, Issue 17


January 9 - 13, 2020

WY-TOPP Modular testing will not be available during the blackout dates in order to prepare the test delivery system for the Winter Interim.


ACT has provided a schedule of events for schools and districts outlining the timeline of activities, which need to be completed for the 2019-20 ACT administration. View the Schedule of Events at

Please note that ACT terminology is slightly different for states using the three option model. See the corresponding names below:

  • ACT Initial Testing Date(s)-Option 1
  • ACT Make-up Testing Date(s)-Option 2
  • ACT Emergency Testing Date(s)-Option 3 (*note: option three is listed as NA within PANext)

Direct questions to:

ACT General Questions:

800.553.6244, ext. 2800


800.553.6244, ext. 1788

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The WY-ALT assessment has transitioned to an online platform for administration. This platform is the same as the WY-TOPP platform and does require the Secure Browser for accountability administration. Since the assessments for this population feature items of a slightly different look and feel, training tests have been created by some of the collaborative groups with whom we share items. In preparation for the WY-ALT assessment, the WDE would like to share links to two sample testing functionality sites. Please find publically available WY-ALT training tests in the following locations:

South Carolina Training Tests

Hawai’i Training Tests 


Thank you to all of the wonderful educators throughout the state who participated in the WY-ALT Administration Trainings last week. In preparation for this administration, please be aware of the following: this population is greatly specialized so the expectation is that administration may also need to be specialized, and tools, such as calculators, the student uses to access instruction may be used on this assessment where appropriate. Please reference the extended standards and blueprints linked below to ensure that any tools used do not invalidate the construct of the assessment (i.e., using a multiplication chart when the student is being asked to multiply). If concerns should arise around a particular tool, please feel free to reach out to: or 307-777-8568 for further support.

WY-ALT Blueprints:

ALDs & Extended Standards:


WY-TOPP logo

As the WY-TOPP Interim testing window approaches, please keep in mind the security and purpose of each assessment. The state offers Training Tests, Modulars, Interims, and a state Summative assessment. Training Tests were developed to allow any interested party to view and engage with the testing platform and practice with the tools for the different item types within the assessment. This site does not assess knowledge so it is available for public use. Interims and Modular assessments are semi-secure. Items are built with collaborative states and are not to be shared with anyone. The educator administering this test may preview the content within the interims/modulars and may view students’ answers to each of the questions within the system to better inform instruction. These assessments do produce results. In order to maintain the validity of the item and availability for future use, the items may not be used in instruction. The Summative needs the highest level of security due to its high stakes nature for accountability. This means that test items are not to be viewed by anyone but the tester. Please see the links below:

Training Test

Modular Previewing System User Guide

Interim/Modular WY-TOPP Administration Manual

Test Security PPT (Slides) 2019-20