Assessment Newsletter (Volume 6, Issue 93)

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March 1, 2019  |  WDE Assessment Updates  |  Volume 5, Issue 93

BRAILLE USERS FOR TESTING SPRING 2019 - Please complete this brief survey ASAP

Attention: District Test Coordinators (DTCs) and Service Providers for Visually Impaired Students
WDE is providing this survey link for Districts with students using Braille to complete which details the number of Braille students in your district and the type(s) of delivery they use in order to access the statewide assessment system. 


Attention:  WY-ALT Test Administrators

This year, before Test Administrators will be able to administer the WY-ALT, they must complete the Learner Characteristic Inventory (LCI) Questionnaire for each student. The purpose of the LCI is to describe the characteristics of students who participate in the Alternate Assessment and Alternate Achievement Standards and to present baseline data results collected as part of the validity evaluation for the assessment.

The LCI Questionnaire is comprised of 19 questions that address student demographic and performance information, and is also located on the Wyoming Assessment Portal under Resources for WY-ALT Test Administrators.

WDE strongly suggests that teachers complete the LCI by logging into the student interface, as the student, before beginning any test sessions with the student.


computer screen viewing a video

All students are expected to participate in the Wyoming Assessment System. Every effort must be made to inform parents, guardians, and students of the testing calendar. On behalf of a student, school administrators may apply for an exemption from participation for the following criteria:

  • The student is expelled for the entire testing window.
  • The student is an English Learner who has been enrolled in a US school for less than one year.
  • The student is placed in an out-of-state facility for the entire testing window.

Administrators should view the SAER site training video to learn how to submit exemption requests. Here is the direct link to the SAER webpage for when you are ready to submit an exemption.

In order to submit an exemption request, you must have a WyEd account. If you have a FUSION account, then you already have a WyEd account. If you do not have a FUSION account, then please register for a WyEd account by completing this request form.

Your WyEd user account will need "SAER User" access. You can request this role from the Roles drop down after you choose your district. If you have questions regarding your WyEd account, please contact Brian Wuerth at 307-777-6748 or



WY-ALT administration window - March 11 - April 24

Prior to accessing the WY-ALT assessment, Test Administrators (TA) must complete an online Learner Characteristics Inventory (LCI) survey about the student who is testing. The LCI will be presented on the student's device prior to starting the assessment.

WY-ALT Participation Guidelines

Test Information Distribution Engine (TIDE) User Guide

Test Security Agreement

Spring 2019 Directions for Administration Manual


The address verification window is March 4-29

In preparation for the delivery of the Individual Student Reports (ISRs) and the WY-ALT/WY-TOPP paper accommodated tests, all District Test Coordinators and/or Building Coordinators must verify school addresses in TIDE. It is important to ensure shipping addresses are correct.

School addresses can be verified using this pathway:
  1. Select "Orders" on the TIDE dashboard task menu.
  2. From the "Orders" task menu, select "On-Time Orders" to view the "Initial Orders" form.
  3. In the "Contact Info" panel, verify shipping information, this address should reflect your school address.
  • If an address edit is needed, click "Save" if entering the information for the first time, or
  • "Verify" if verifying or editing existing information.


The WY-TOPP summative paper accommodation form order window will be available in TIDE from March 04, 2019 – March 29, 2019. Please make initial orders for WY-TOPP print material during this time frame.

Review the TIDE User Guide for instructions on how to order paper accommodations.

WY-TOPP logo


Students in Classroom

From 8 a.m.-4 p.m. on March 12-13, 2019 in Sheridan

Audience: EL Teachers, Instructional Facilitators/Coaches, Curriculum Coordinators, EL Coordinators, Paraprofessionals, Principals & anyone interested

This two-day workshop provides educators with a fresh look at how to engage multilingual learners in rigorous content area learning with a balance of challenge and support. The purpose of the workshop is to encourage educators to consider a dynamic set of classroom practices that support multilingual students as they move toward increasing independence and expertise in grade-level content. Participants will explore how rigorous, well-sequenced curriculum within the content of meaningful experiences contributes to rich classroom interactions that mediate learning.

WIDA Presenter: Maya Martinez-Hart

WDE Facilitator: Antoinette Hallam, EL & Foreign Language Consultant

Participants will be able to:

  • Develop an understanding of scaffolding practices based on prior knowledge, new learning, and shared experience.
  • Build awareness of macro- and micro-scaffolding practices that apprentice students into language use for content area learning.
  • Consider how students’ resources can support collaborative learning.
  • Recognize the importance of establishing a collaborative community of learners that moves forward and upward together.
  • Examine ways to engage students in exploring language use for content learning.


If your campus is scheduled to administer the ACT® test online, you can now create test sessions and assign examinees in PearsonAccessnext™.

Follow the “How to Create Test Sessions” and “How to Assign Examinees to a Test Session” instructions in the ACT Administration Manual for Online Testing to do the following:

  1. Create test sessions.
  2. Assign students to test sessions.


  • January 28-March 8: NAEP assessment window (Grades 4 & 8 for selected campuses)
  • February 25-April 17: WY-ALT additional paper response options ordering window
  • March 4 - 29: WY-TOPP and WY-ALT address validation window
  • March 4 - 29: WY-TOPP paper form ordering window
  • March 12-13: WIDA Scaffolding Workshop - Sheridan
  • March 11-April 24: WY-ALT online assessment window (Grades 3-10)
  • April 2: ACT paper test day (Grade 11)
  • April 2-4, 9-11: ACT online test window (Grade 11)
  • April 15-May 10: WY-TOPP Spring Summative window (Grades 3-10)
  • April 15-May 10: WY-TOPP Spring Interim window (Grades K-2)
  • April 16-30: WorkKeys assessment window (Grades 11 & 12)
  • April 26-27: Wyoming English as a Second Language Conference - Casper
  • May 21: ACCESS 2.0 Interpreting Score Reports for Instruction Workshop - Casper
  • May 22: ACCESS 2.0 Interpreting Score Reports for Instruction Workshop - Riverton